Mine Falls and Lincoln Park, Nashua

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Mine Falls and Lincoln Park, Nashua

199 Collesum Ave
Nashua  New Hampshire  03063
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Mine Falls and Lincoln Park is an island of 325 acres of forest, river, and wetlands surrounded by the city of Nashua.  Mine Falls Park was purchased by the city of Nashua in 1969 to be used as a recreational oasis. The park offers some great scenery for a quiet ride, stroll or ski through the mixed deciduous and White Pine forest. Mines Falls is the perfect place to learn how to mountain bike.

The park's trails vary from paved double track to rooty single track.  Even the most experienced rider can have fun on the park’s high speed twisting single track. The map shows only the double track, because if we included the single track it would be difficult to follow.  The single track goes to and from the double track in many spots. There are about 8 miles of trails at Mines Falls Park.


All of the park’s trails are multi-use trails, so please be respectful to others while on the trails.  Some of the trails run along the river and are sometimes eroded by the rain.  Be aware of the steep banks into the river; it’s not a fun river to swim in!  Mines Falls Park is a great place to mountain bike at night or in the winter.  There are few houses that surround the park, so your night lights will not disturb anyone.

Owned/ Managed: City of Nashua
Maintained By: Mines Falls Advisory Committee,
Nashua Parks and Recreation

By Peter DeSantis & Beth Woodbury
Taken from their book
Get out and Mountain Bike! Southern New Hampshire.
© Copyright 2005

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