Kingman Farm, Madbury

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Kingman Farm, Madbury

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Kingman Farm as we know it comprises Madbury town, Private and University of New Hampshire property. It's a fun place to ride. In its 335 acres there are enough easy doubletracks and woods roads to keep a beginner happy, while at the same time there are a few hills and some really fun singletracks to keep more advanced riders huffing and puffing. Go for a warm up lap and take in the sights of the working farm. Then give it your best shot up the winding climb up hicks hill. There are many more difficult places to ride than Kingman Farm, but few that are more fun. It's a small trail network but it can be fun to run multiple loops in different directions.

The University of New Hampshire Mountain Bike Team trains here. And someone, maybe them, has done a lot of trail work. One of the many hilly singletracks that you'll encounter has been bermed, shelved and switchbacked in a highly professional manner to prevent water from eroding the trail.

Expect to spend a couple of hours exploring here. And then expect to come back. Kingman farm is far too much fun to only ride once.

All levels of riders can enjoy most of the farm's trails. None require any advanced skills or a high degree of fitness. Better riders of course will cover ground faster. But unless they're fixated on riding challenging terrain, even very good riders will have a lot of fun here.

Recently the UNH Office of Woodlands has been working with the Madbury Conservation Commission and the Souther NH and Seacoast NH chapter of NEMBA to close and rehabilitate unauthorized trails. These efforts have been pretty successful and if you see a sign telling you that a trail is being rehabilitated, stay off it

Seacoast Nemba is in talks with the town of Madbury to work on some trail and bridge repair projects this summer. We are working hard to build a strong relationship for many years to come.

There is a new trail map available. Copies of it can be found at the Madbury Town Hall and the Town Library or printed from this webpage..

Directions: To Trailhead Parking Area.

From the intersection of route 4 and route 108 head south into Durham. When you get to the center turn right on Madbury Road. Go about a mile and a half and turn left when you get to Route 155 and then take your first right on Town Hall Road. Just after the Library you'll see the Town Hall and there's a trailhead behind it. The old parking lot on Route 155 has been closed because of high speed traffic on 155.

Map showing the Trailhead Parking Area.


The area immediately surrounding the farm buildings is closed to bikes. You may encounter kids and unleashed dogs. And they are very curious. Please be polite as we want mountain bikers to be a positive and appreciated group. Also, yield to equestrians when you see them.

Explore Further

It does not end at Kingman Farm. There is a vast network of trails just on the other side of the Moharimet School. There are trails running parallel to 155 on the eastern side of the school that connect to Tibets soccer field. If you continue east, you will enter Powder Major Forest which is owned by the NH Forest Society. From there you can cross 155 into Beech Hill for some really fun single track! Also, you can cross into Lee and take in the sights of Tuckaway farm. If you are ambitious, it is possible to connect Durham trails from here. Pack a lunch and have fun. Most of these trails are visible on the Strava base layer. Just keep you self-oriented to rt. 155 and you will have a great time.


University of New Hampshire, Durham NH

College Woods is a property of The University of New Hampshire. Its 250 acres were donated to the university in 1891 and originally provided the school with a ready source of lumber for the construction of many of the campus' older buildings. More recently a portion of the "Woods" has been preserved as a natural sturdy area.


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