Great Glen Trails, Gorham

Northern NH

Great Glen Trails, Gorham

1 Mount Washington Auto Road
Gorham  New Hampshire  03581
United States

(603) 466-2333








Located in Northern New Hampshire right next to Mt Washington Great Glen offers a wonderful mountain bike experience. Like most for fee facilities you can expect that the trails are well maintained and that they were created with mountain biking in mind. This is not the case at most of the places where we ride. Normally, as we all know, we're mostly riding around on trails that were made by others. Old logging roads, motorcycle and ATV trails, utility rights of way, and long existing foot trails. Trails that in short, while lots of fun, weren't really designed with mountain biking in mind.

Great Glenn is an exception to that. The trails here were designed for mountain bikers, and designed to be fun for mountain bikers. And riders of all ability levels and ages can and will enjoy themselves here.

Check out last year's 24 hour race at Great Glen.

By Bill Boles

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