Bicentennial Trail & Hemlock Trail Loop, Amherst

Southern NH

Bicentennial Trail & Hemlock Trail Loop, Amherst

50 Austin Rd
Amherst  New Hampshire  03031
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The Bicentennial Trail, of which portions have been in existence for the last 50 years, offers a challenge for even the most advanced riders.  The first part of the trail follows Dodge road offering advanced beginner / intermediate terrain.  After crossing Austin Road, the Bicentennial Trail should be ridden only by advanced and experienced riders. The trail is mostly single track with rocks, roots and hills.  The Bicentennial Trail intersects the Hemlock Trail in Joe English Reservation. The Hemlock Trail allows for a loop and then you must follow the Bicentennial Trail back to Austin Road.  The Hemlock Trail follows the ridgeline as single track and depending on the direction you choose to go you will climb a double track or have a very fast double track decent. Taken together there are about 12 miles of trails.

Bicentennial Trail to Austin Road – Intermediate
Bicentennial Trail & Hemlock Trail Loop – Advanced

The Hemlock Trail is the only trail in Joe English Reservation accessible to bikes.  Please obey this or mountain bikes will be excluded from the reserve all together.   If you wish to only ride the first part of the Bicentennial trail then you can take a left onto Austin Road, instead of crossing the road, and ride 0.5 miles up the road to the Haseltine parking lot.

Trail Head:  50 Austin Road

The best place to park is in the parking area for the Haseltine Trail Head. Go to Horace Greeley Road which is 1.7 miles west of the Bedford / Amherst town line on Route 101.  Immediately turn left onto Austin Road. Go 2 miles, (passing Dodge Road on the left). The trail head is on the left, at the Tree Farm sign.
To get to the Bicentennial Trail Head, ride your bike east on Austin Road for 0.5 miles and take a right onto Dodge Road. Follow Dodge Road for 1 mile.  0.1 of a mile from the sand piles and town garage, on the right, is the trailhead for the Bicentennial Trail on the left.  Look for an opening with rocks in front.

This land is owned by the town of Amherst and managed and maintained by the Amherst Conservation Commission


By Peter DeSantis & Beth Woodbury
Taken from their book
Get out and Mountain Bike! Southern New Hampshire.
© Copyright 2005

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