Little Chauncy / Talbot Trails, Northborough

Little Chauncy / Talbot Trails, Northborough

62 Talbot Rd
Northborough  Massachusetts  01532
United States








Talbot Trails are a beginner-friendly series of trails through some quiet and pleasant farm land of Northborough in the shadow of the defunct Northborough State Hospital. With only a handful of climbs and descents, the Lake Chauncy side of the trails offer fairly relaxing double track and fire road through corn fields and around Lake Chauncy. No ride at Talbot is complete without a run up Crematorium Hill (on the NW side of the lake) where you can dismount and enter the long-since abandoned underground crematorium utilized by the Westboro State Hospital. With plenty of dog walkers, it’s simple, beginner friendly-riding, and by heading further west, you can encounter some MTB-friendly single and double track and a few climbs and descents back towards the lake.
Across Talbot and Lyman streets are trails that lead up to Cedar Hill.  Those trails are not MTB-friendly, so please heed the signage and stay off trails designated for hikers only.
If parking along Talbot Road, please hug the woods as the FedEx SmartPost is at the end of the road and it sees heavy trucking traffic.

By Fitch Proctor 

NOTE: The Northborough Trails system is mountain bike friendly with the exception of Cedar Hills and Sawink Farm.  Please do not ride those trails.  Trail maps and trail head locations can be accessed at the following url:  The trails are all similar in terms of terrain and are all good for novice to intermediate riders, with the exception of Mt. Pisgah,

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