Lind Farm, Norfolk / Wrentham

Southeast MA

Lind Farm, Norfolk / Wrentham

205 North Street
Norfolk  Massachusetts  02056
United States
Parking is in the Lazy Loopers Model Airplane parking lot.








Lind Farm is conservation land and State land in the towns of Norfolk and Wrentham.

The trails are fun to ride, ranging from very easy to quite challenging.

The best description of Lind Farm is on this TrailForks map. Two more maps are included on the top of this page. But they are incomplete

You'll enjoy exploring over 10 miles of trails. However on the Trailforks map some of the central trails no longer exist due to a housing development. 

Don't worry though, follow the trails that see the most use and you'll bypass it.

There is an alternative parking area, the Wrentham Dog Park, 1/2 mile south of the Lazy Loopers but it's closed now due to Covid-19.

Some of the trails, expecially in the southern portion of Lind Farm are little used motorcycle trails with some mud in season. But they are passable. 

The only black trail on the Trailforks map is in the area. Fun, but challenging.

For the best riidng experience, stick to the singletracks that seem to get the most use. These are the ones that the area riders are putting the most work into.

I rode here in the spring of 2020 and again in the late fall. I couldn't believe how much the trails had improved in that short time period.

   Bill Boles

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