Flat Rock Hill, Dunstable

Northeast MA

Flat Rock Hill, Dunstable

60 Mill St
Dunstable  Massachusetts  01827
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The best parking for Fllat Rock Hill is off Mill St in Dunstable. Mill Street is a short little road that starts and ends on Main St. It makes one sharp turn and right at the apex of the turn there is a sign for Flat Rock Hill. If you drive down into the field there is ample parking.

The trails at Flat Rock Hill go on for miles. Single track. Double track. Lots of flat stuff but - as the name implies - also some great hills. There are trails for all ability levels, something for everyone. Not all of the trails are on the MAP, but you'll get  in a good ride.

The backbone of the area is an old rail bed. It hasn't been converted into a bike trail, but it is pretty wide and flat. For whatever reason it hasn't been marked on the map but it runs from the Stone Arch Bridge down to Main St. The yellow and white trails run along part of it. All the easier trails lead off of it. Starting from the Mill St. parking area, if you follow the Red Trail and then the Salmon Brook trail, you'll get to the rail bed trail.

The southern end of the Salmon Brook trail looks like it ends at the brook. However, if you don't mind getting your feet wet, you can ford the brook and there are a bunch more trails on the other side. I'm not that familiar with those trails but they are probably worth a visit.

The Blanchard Hill trail (brown) is straight up/down. I think you would have to be super strong to ride up it, and super brave (i.e. crazy) to ride down it. The top of Blanchard Hill was cleared a few years ago so there is a nice view to western Mass. It's worth going up it, even if you have to (gasp) walk your bike.

The Yellow and White trails have you either going up or down. I'd say they are hard without being deadly (maybe).

The last thing I'll mention iare two more good options: Only a short road ride away is the Dunstable Rural Land Trust conservation land (marked as DRLT on the map). There's another whole network of (easier) trails there. It's listed as Fletcher Pond Trails on the NEMBA web site. From the Mill St parking area follow Mill St back to Main St, turn right, and about 3/4 mile down the road you'll see the small entrance to the DRLT on your left. It's across the street from Skytop Lane. The map shows a few different parking areas at the different entrances. The one on Mill St is the biggest. Room for everybody.

Lastly, Fletcher Pond is right across Route 111 A in Nashua New Hampshire's Yudicky Park.      Linking all three areas together would make for a really Epic Ride.

By Bill Boles

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