Bare Cove / Great Esker, Hingham

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Bare Cove / Great Esker, Hingham

Bare Cove Park Drive
Hingham  Massachusetts  02043
United States
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Bear Cove and Great Esker Parks are unique in Massachusetts and New England. They are located on both sides of Weymouth Back River, a tidal river and are very scenic. You'll spend a lot of time enjoying wetlands, marshes and perhaps photographing many different varities of birds.

Most of the riding here is on old paved or gravel roads though there is some singlletrack. 

In Bare Cove the trails are mostly flat making it a perfect place for an introductory ride for newer riders or kids on small wheeled bikes. Bare Cove was a military base during WWII and on most weekend days you can stop and visit the museum. You'll see lots of people walking dogs here as well as lots of families with kids in strollers. Although the rules state that all dogs must be leashed some may be running free.

Great Esker is hilly and more challenging as it contains the tallest esker in North America.  The esker is a ridge of sand that was dropped by a glacier about 12,000 years ago. Picture in your mind a giant snake lying on a flat surface and you get an idea of what it's like. You'll be riding on the snake's "spine" high above the surrounding neighborhoods and river. I rarely see dogs or families here, maybe because the terrain requires a more physical investment.

Just north of the Route 3A highway bridge that connects the two parks are Stoddard's Neck and the Abigail Adams Park. Abigail Adams is a picnic area with parking and a few paved trails. While Stoddard's Neck is a fenced off peninsula much favored by dog walkers as it offers them the opportunity to let their dogs run free. 

It's possible to make a giant circle by linkink Great Esker and Bare Cove with a short road ride through surrounding neighborhoods on the south. Bring a copy of the map with you in case you find it confusing.

When I ride here I'm normally looking for a mellow ride, much different from the nearby Wompatuck State Park. I'll usually ride all four properties, just wandering around piling up some relaxed miles rather than technical challenges.

You'll enjoy Bare Cove and Great Esker Parks. Especially on a hot summer day when the ocean's breezes cool things off.

Bill Boles


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