Village Park / Abrams Rock, Swansea

Village Park / Abrams Rock, Swansea

196 Main St
Swansea  Massachusetts  02777
United States








Abram's Rock (within Village Park ) is located behind the Joseph Case Jr. High School . Rt 195 to exit 3, Rt 6 East, left on Gardeners Neck Rd , right on Main to back of Jr High School or Library (a little further down the street).

Legend has it that Abram's Rock was named for an Indian who had deserted his tribe, coming to the Swansea settlement to make his living in peace. King Philip of the Wampanoag decided to take Abram back, fearing his friendship for the white man. Abram found this towering rock and used a room formed by boulders on the west side as a hiding place (known as Abram's Bedroom). He is said to have lived there for several months, until tracked down and captured. He was given a chance for his life. The sentence was death or three leaps from the top of the forty foot high rock. Abram took the chance, and tradition says that his first and second leaps were safely made, but the third jump killed him.


Village Park features several unusual rock formation, aka "pudding-stones" with names like Wildcat Rock and Lion Rock. Some can be ridden but are easier to hike. Hike or bike, they are well worth the climb for a decent view. The Village Park Trails are frequented by hikers, dog walkers, runners, and bikers alike. All trails are maintained throughout the year and are generally in excellent condition. Exception is during wet seasons where you may find some muddy areas, but the many bridges allow safe (and dry) passage over the worst. By looping trails within the park, you can crank out a decent 10 to 12 mile ride. There is some climbing involved but for the most part, a smooth fast ride. Be sure to visit the "Trail Elf" made features such as teeters, rock drops, log-overs, and bridges indicated on the map. Definitely ride Bridges, Two Guys, Rusty Car, Bull Bridge , Thing 2, and Superman (if you dare!).

Neither of the two maps above show all of the singetrack trails. Expect to find many more.

By Steve Rebello



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