SNH NEMBA Yudicky Skills Session #1

Event Date

6/19/21 9:00am

Brought you you by Jeff Hannigan and Southern NH NEMBA

Yudicky Park

Price: Free

Duration: 3 hr

For  · Members of Southern NH NEMBA and anyone else that would like to join us.

     The session series is back! We will ease in with our first stop at Yudicky.

Location: Yudicky Farm, Nashua NH - The big parking area.

Rider needs & expectations:
- Gather by 9AM, rolling out by 9:15
- Helmets are required, other pads and protective equipment at the discretion of the rider
- Signed NEMBA waiver (covers all rides for the year):
- Functioning bike and a willingness to fail in front of others for the sake of learning

- A smile when you do something that you didn't think you could.

level: Any
- We welcome beginners for the re-start of the series. All activities are optional and within your comfort level, with discouragement of any peer pressure (but plenty of encouragement where needed!)

Session objectives:
We will focus on bike control over technical terrain (roots and rocks). We will work on some steering exercises before taking to the trail for ~2 miles of practice including some light climbing.

Not covered:
- I am the last person you want to ask for mechanical or bike setup questions, I will let your local friendly bike shop assist with that
- This time we aren't into the sessions that will cover the wooden features or jumps that Yudicky is known for, keep your eye out for future sessions for that

   Lets Ride !



New Hampshire

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All Levels

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Jeff Hannigan