SNH NEMBA Ladies Horse Hill Ride

Event Date

6/16/21 5:30pm

SNH NEMBA Horse Hill Ladies Ride

Hosted by Alanna Carlson Lmt and Arline Guinn

When at 5:30 PM

Cost: Free

For  · Women. You do not have to be a member of SNH NEMBA.

Meet at 5:15 PM wheels rolling at 5:30

Annual Waiver must be signed ahead of time.


This is an intermediate ride that will be split into two groups The main difference being pace and distance.

A Group Kate & Alanna 11 or so miles rolling by 5:45 done by Sundown. Starting and ending on Bloget Hill bypass trail.

We will include trails at Wasserman park. Though this is a no drop ride we will be riding at a moderate exercise pace and will not stop often for long breaks.

We will need to keep this one moving to get back by dark so this will not be a sessioning ride.

B Group Arline and Melody About 7ish miles at Horse Hill rolling by 5:45 not far as the A Group at a more relaxed pace.

What you need:




A functional bike

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Alanna Carlson