SNH NEMBA Coed Strong Novice Field Trip Ride - Bear Brook

Event Date

6/8/19 2:00pm to 4:30pm

In case anyone has interest, I've decided to hold a Strong Novice Field Trip ride this Saturday 6/8/2019 at Bear Brook State Park. We will be meeting in the Hiker/Biker Parking Lot and rolling out at 2pm ET.


**Note - Changed the start time of the ride to 2pm ET due to an off-road motorcycle event happening at Bear Brook on Saturday. Hopefully you can still make it at that time. We will be sure to be back to the HB Lot by 4:15-4:30pm at the latest for those that need to plan for any time constraints.

We'll ride approximately 8-10 miles at our usual Strong Novice "B" group pace. This will be a no drop ride and we'll take as many breaks as necessary for the group (including for the leader :) )

Be sure to bring money for parking (I believe it's $4).

The Hiker/Biker lot is located on Podunk Rd. The turn from Deerfield Rd onto Podunk Rd is next to a small cemetery and is easy to miss. Once you are on Podunk Rd, stop at the toll booth to pay, then go past the booth and the hiker-biker lot entrance is on the right and across from some park service buildings.

And if you haven't signed the online waiver yet this year, please do so before you arrive: NEMBA SmartWaiver


Bear Brook State Park - Hiker Biker Lot



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Chris Gaudet