SE MA NEMBA Alt50 Ride

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9/24/17 (All day)
SE MA NEMBA will be hosting it's ALT50 ride on Sunday 9/24. It's called the ALT50 with a salute to our friends who have the time and energy to ride the VT50, but we couldn’t make it (this year…)
The other difference is, it’s not 50 MILES, it’s 50 Kilometers. That’s the equivalent of 31 miles. So not as grueling, less climbing, which leaves way more energy for FUN! AND it’s local!
Riders will have the option of doing all three parks, The Blue Hills, Adams Farm and Cutler Park in that order. Or they can join in part way along on the ride.
The ride will leave The Blue Hills at 7:00 AM. From the big Houghton’s Pond Lot on Hillside Street. Expect to ride some stuff you’ve never seen before, with maybe some surprises along the way. Keep an open mind.
It will get to Adams Farm about 10:00 and to Cutler Park about Noon. None of the rides will be overly technical, just enough to keep it interesting…
We will need co-leaders who know any of the three parks, and designated sweeps. (We’ll limit riding groups to 6 in each including the leader, but no limit on how many groups…!)
Following the ride there will be a BBQ hosted by Bob Khederian at around 3:00 PM. (We will park at his house and do the Cutler loop)
So, do 1,2,3 parks, either way there’s a party at the end!
We will be driving to and from each park, so hopefully we will have some carpooling..
Contact me for more details.
For more info, call me, it's still better 




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Steve Cobble