Ride Headquarters Northern Reaches Gravel Ride

Event Date

7/18/21 7:00am

Ride the Gravel Trail Mix MA & NH Ride Sunday, July 18

Join us for incredibly beautiful cycling on the back roads of the north-central part of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire! There are TWO distance options for you for this ride! Choose a 100-km route or 100-mile route to ride.

This ride is full of dirt roads, with nice paved roads as well. Most of the route is back roads, away from traffic and people. Keep reading to understand the logistics. This ride starts near Winchendon, MA - so most people will need to drive to the start.

This is a group or solo ride, depending on how you want to ride it. You may get a group of your friends together, you may request to ride with others who are likely of your similar cycling pace and experience, or you’re welcome to ride it alone, though you’re hardly alone when there are so many people on the same route.

Ride with New People Option

Ride with people of your riding speed, but you don’t have to know anyone prior to the ride! This is an option for you if you’d like to ride with a group, but don’t have friends riding or simply want to meet new people who are of a similar strength.

We offered this option for the first time at the Rhode Island Trail Mix ride and it allowed many similar riders to find each other. Since it worked so well, we’re offering it again. Quite a few people selected to opt into a new group.

Ride Details:


  • Ride Type: Remote paved and dirt roads

  • Time & Date: Sunday, July 18, 2021

  • Rollout times will be assigned between 7:00am and 9:30am

    • Longer riders are sent off first, shorter-distance riders are sent off a little later but still early

  • Starting Point: Winchendon, MA

  • Distance: 100 mile or 100 km - you choose

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