GB NEMBA - Middlesex Fells Wednesday Ride

Event Date

6/1/21 10:15pm

We'll be riding in groups of 10, being mindful of COVID precautions at rider discretion. It is going to be a blast to get out in small groups and spin wheels at The Fells. Two steps to riding bliss:

1. Sign your waiver (once a year!):

2. Pre-register here. A WORD ABOUT RIDE PACE: Rides are listed in descending order of ride speed from Fastest being Group #1 to More Mellow Group #4. Rides 2 & 3 move at a steady state – reasonable clip, take infrequent breaks and basically move through the technical terrain of the Fells.  All rides except for possibly #1 – use second rider drop.  While we work to define uniform language about ride pace it is good idea to a.) get to know the ride leads so you get to know their pace and b.) until that time, chose a pace one lower than you estimate you are up for! Win, win! 

Group #1 Lead by James – Fast pace:

Group #2 Lead by Rob - Craig Sweeps:

Group #3 Lead by Mark - J.D. Sweeps:

Group #4 Lead by Maciej - Mary Sweeps:


Middlesex Fells


Ride Level


Ride Types

Ride Style


Ride Leader Name

Mary McCarthy