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7/16/20 (All day) to 9/24/20 (All day)

Buzzard Bay Bikes, formerly Sailworld is resuming their their Thursday evening ride series.

For more information of this week's ride check out their Facebook Page or contact Jim at .

These rides are normally in the Bourne Falmouth area and riders are divided up into groups.

They are all no-drop fun rides.

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Cape Cod

Event Leader

Jim Ballantyne

Southeast MA

Duxbury's North Hill Marsh and Round Pond

400 Mayflower St
Duxbury  Massachusetts  02332
United States








North HIll Marsh & Round Pond

The town of Duxbury hosts many great areas to explore. The two mentioned on this page, North Hill Marsh and Round Pond are located on opposite sides of Mayflower Street so it makes sense to describe them together.

The area's 1230 of contiguous conservation land form the largest parcel of preserved land in the town.

The trails are managed by the Duxbury Conservation Commission and maintained by the town and by local volunteers. NEMBA members in particular are always picking up deadfalls and brushing back overgrowth.

The town has a No-New-Trails policy on all of its properties. (See the note below.)

    Riding these trails: 

With 31+ miles of trails at hand it would be pretty nearly impossible to ride everything in one outing. You'll find yourself returning here over and over to continue exploring. The first map, from the TrailForks app is the most useful. Not only does it show you the trails but as you're riding it will show where you are on the trail network as well as trace your route.  LoL You can even make a donation to SE MA NEMBA right from the app.

The trails range from easy wide carriage paths suitable for newcomers and family rides to some very hilly twisty singletracks that willchallenge both your techniacl skills as well as your lung power.

There's an abandoned motocross track, at the top of a hill in the Round Pond area. I challenge you to do three laps of the track without getting totally winded.

You'll see lots hikers, families, dogs and horses out on these trails. Please ride cautiously and respect the other users rights!  Also, till the Pandemic is over maintain social distancing and other Covid 19 precautions as possible.

The Bay Circuit Trail passes through these lands.  If you're looking for a really extended ride, you could add in their 230 miles.  :-)


The best places to park are on Mayflower Street. Here are the directions from the town's website. "From Rt. 3 South: Take Exit 10 off Rt. 3 and bear to the right. Follow Rt. 3A to the Duxbury Fire Station. Turn left onto and continue down Mayflower Street. The parking for North Hill Marsh are about a mile past the Duxbury transfer station on the right and left.

It should be noted that these lots can fill up fast. So, on weekends at least, many people also park behind Duxbury Town Hall wher a trail right out of the parking ;lot leads into North Hill Marsh.

    Cautionalry note from the Con Com.

  • An Open Letter to Mountain Bikers who ride in Duxbury Conservation Lands

    In preface, the Conservation Commission is empathetic to the current lockdown

    situation; several of us have children at home who we are struggling to keep busy

    and engaged in productive activities. Especially as the weather gets better, we

    understand the desire for kids and teens to be outside and off screens. We

    encourage safe outdoor pursuits in Duxbury Conservation lands, provided these

    pursuits are allowed by the Town’s rules and regulations. These rules and

    regulations can be found on the Town website.

    Mountain biking is allowed on Duxbury Conservation lands, subject to the

    regulations. Over the years as biking has become more popular, bikers have used

    the lands in a manner that has been respectful to walkers, runners, equestrians, and

    to the woods and trails, with few exceptions. It has been a wonderful evolution to

    allow for positive multi-use of the Conservation lands. There are a multitude of

    trails in town, enough to provide for a challenging and exciting mountain biking


    Unfortunately, there has been a significant increase in unauthorized trail making

    and structure building on Conservation lands. Cutting trees, digging, building

    jumps and similar activities is expressly prohibited on Conservation lands. Recent

    activity of this nature has been noted in the Conservation lands west of Island

    Creek pond. This activity (and similar activities elsewhere on Conservation lands)

    must stop immediately.

    If you have children that mountain bike on the Conservation lands, the

    Commission urges you to speak to your child to ensure we can continue multi-use

    activities on Conservation lands. The Commission does not want to close

    Conservation lands to all mountain biking activity because a select few are

    breaking the rules. The land is for everyone to enjoy, but the enjoyment must not

    leave a trace for others. Taking a shovel and saw to the woods has a long-lasting

    impact to the wildlife and to the public who seek to enjoy the lands in their natural

    state. The unsanctioned trail building also has created unsafe areas for young and

    inexperienced bikers.

    Please abide by the regulations and continue to use the Conservation lands

    respectively so that all may enjoy it for many years to come.

    The Conservation Commission

  • North Hill Marsh - Audubon Society - Duxbury - South Shore Trails  North Hill Marsh Dam - Duxbury, Massachusetts - Hiking Trail ... The Walking Trails Of Duxbury Part 1 of 4 - Movementum Realty Hike Plymouth and Beyond!: Duxbury Round Pond Conservation Area

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Local Shops

Cycle Lodge

Bike Barn

Anderson Bicycle

Mauls Bike Shop

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Bay Circuit Trail

1 Plum Island Turnpike
Newburyport  Massachusetts  01950
United States








The Bay Circuit Trail

The Bay Circuit Trail, formerly known as the Bay Circuit Path is about 230 miles long. Although this changes constantly due to land ownership changes and new opportunities. It runs from Newburyport's Plum Island to Duxbury's Harbor running through 38 towns and linking 57 Greater Boston communities.

Most responsible for today's Bay Circuit Trail is Alan French, a North Andover resident, who working with a host of volunteers created, planned, marked and most importantly got permissions for mouch of what we now enjoy.

Today the trail is managed by the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Trusttes of Reservations.

   Little know fact: The "original" Bay Circuit Path, in the early part of the 20th century, was conceived of as a motorway linking pastoral unpaved roadways for automobile use. The world has certainly changed since then.

The Bay Circuit Trail is mostly located between the Route 495 and 128 Beltways, It runs from sea leavel to sea level with a maximum elevation of 602 feet at Nobscot Hll in Framingham Some sections of the trail are on pavement, but the majority of it is trail.

The trail passes through an almost innuerable number of conservation parcels, parks and State forests.

Most of the Bay Circuit Trail is open to bikes. But there are a few exceptions. 

   One exception is the Nobscot Scout Reservation on Sudbury and Framingham. This includes most of the of the section of the trail between Brimstone Lane and Route 20 and includes both Nobscot Hill & Tipping Rock. The biking alternate is going north on Bay Circuit trail is north (downhill) on Brimstone Lane and east on Route 20.  Going South, from Tippling Rock Trailhead, go west on Route 20 and south (uphill) on Brimstone Lane.

   Other exceptions include certain trails on Sudbury Valley Trustees properties and Audubon's Moose Hill Sanctuary in Sharon.

NEMBA has a long history of volunteerism on the Bay Circuit.  To see a list of these type Bay Circuit into the search box at the top of this page.

    Riding the Bay Circuit Trail

Most people riding in their favorite areas in this corridor observe Bay Circuit Trail markers. But few people try to ride the whole thng. Check the maps. You may find that you can link a few of your favorite riding areas using trails that you've nvere explored. Many times people will park vehicles at two places on the Trail and ride between them. Over time they may ride the whole thing. I am aware of a few pwople who have done the whole thing, with the exceeption of a few no-bike restrictions, in one ride. But, they normally do some rough camping or stay at motels along the way.

When exploring the Bay Circuit Trail you'll go through many conservation areas and pass an uncountable number to trail junctions. Giving you a perfect opportiunity to explore.

The map at the top of the page links you to the Newburyport, or northern end of the trail at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Here's a more detailed MAP.

The southern end is located at the Bay Farm Preserve located at 55 Loring Street in Dxbury.  You'll fid a map of this area HERE. Note: You can actually do a loop ride at this end of the trail 


BCT-Map-2017 Section Hiking the Bay Circuit Trail - Section Hikers Backpacking Blog Bay Circuit Trail


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CC NEMBA Old Jail Lane Trail Build


3/14/20 8:30am to 12:00pm

CC NEMBA Old Jail Lane Trail Building Project

Weather Permitting! Come out for the continued work for our new trail Fin's Folly at Old Jail Lane. Were looking for a few volunteers to help us do "pre-install" work and move some dead fall, obstructions and deal with the cat-briars to make the Gravely work easier on Install Day. Some tools provided bring lithium chainsaw, loppers, hand clippers, rakes and gloves.

     Sign NEMBA's once-a-year Trail Care Waiver ahead of time to save time.

We'll meet at Old Jail Lane's parking lot at 311 Old Jail Lane. Read more about CC NEMBA Old Jail Lane Trail Build


Cape Cod


Event Leader

Frank Merola

Southeast MA

Martha's Vineyard

Barnes Rd
Edgartown  Massachusetts  02539
United States








The address above is for the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest which forms the centerpiece of Martha's Vineyard's trails. Here's a link to it.

Correllus has a paved bike path that almost circumnavigates the forest as well as many single and doubletrack trails within it.

It is not well known but Martha's Vineyard actually has over 200 miles of public trails on protected lands. Theres are curated by the Sheriffs Meadow Foundation. Check out their website for more information on the Island's trails. They feature the TrailsMV ap. Which one can download into a phone or a gps device. It will show you the exposition you are at while out on the trails.

Riding on the island is a lot of fun. The trails are scenic, and often unexpeced given the development on the island. There are great ocean views as well as cool, quiet forest trails.  

People ride here all year long. Given the soil characteristics mud is rare. As is snow, which doesn't last very long when there is any.

Riding in the winter, early spring or fall is especially fun as the summer's crowds are largely absent.

To get ther you'll need to take a ferry. Check the Steamship Authority for details. You can make a reservation for your vehicle or, park in one of the many mainland parking lots and ride your bike to the ferry. If you choose to leave your car on the mainland you'll probably not need a reservation.

Needless to say the Vinyard offers almost endless restaurant and lodging options

The Vineyard Off Road Bicycle Association hosts weekly rides.   Many trails are also featured on this Hotel's Website. Lastly here's a Martha's Vineyard Magazine article describing the trails, it's a bit dated, there's a lot more trails now.

Whether you plan a day trip, or an extended stay, you'll find plenty of trails to keep you busy on Martha's Vineyard.

Best trails in Manuel F Correllus State Forest, Massachusetts | AllTrails Running in Manuel F. Correllus State Forest, Martha's Vineyard Best trails in Manuel F Correllus State Forest, Massachusetts | AllTrails Roll, Baby, Roll | Martha's Vineyard Magazine

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CC NEMBA Yarmouth Ride

Event Date

12/23/19 11:00am

Taking advantage of the almost spring like temperatures some of us will be riding from the Yarmouth Dog Park located at 474 Buck Island Road in Yarmouth starting at 11:00 AM.

This will be a fun ride, not a race.

Join us if you can.   :-)

SIgn NEMBA's Annual Ride Waiver ahead of time if you haven't already done so. Read more about CC NEMBA Yarmouth Ride




Ride Level


Ride Style


Ride Leader Name

Bill Boles



12/8/19 9:00am to 3:00pm

SE MA NEMBA Easton Trail Build

SE MA NEMBA will be assisting in an Eagle Scout project designed to build new trails in the town of Easton.

I've been working with a young man named Alex Rhodes, whom has started his Eagle Scout project to build a new multi use trail in the Flyway Pond Management area in Easton MA.

He has started working and has alredy held 3 weekends of trail work clearing most of the 2-ish mile corridor. This trail is going to be awesome!

He now has the task of starting the rock work and building some bridges for the water crossing. This includes carrying lumber & materials into the woods, and starting some of the bridge build work.
The plan is to work a full day, so volunteers can come & go as it fits into their schedule.

I realize that there are other holiday rides being held on the same day, but would like to encourage as many volunteers to come help us for a few hours, even if they arrive in the afternoon.
Alex will have pizza for lunch, and we will supply the tools, care of SEMASS NEMBA. If you have a battery powered impact driver, we could use as many as can show up, to drive decking screws.
We'll be meeting at the Easton Twon Pool, located at 101 Lincoln Street at 9:00 AM, or whatever time you can get there.
  To save time sign NEMBA's Annual Trail Care Waiver ahead of time.

See Alex's note below.
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SE Mass

Event Leader

Chris Patrick

Fells MTB Access: 2020 and Beyond


12/11/19 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Want Better Mountain Biking in the Fells?


Join us on December 11th, 2019 at 6:30 PM at the Winchester Library for an open forum of mountain bikers to discuss ways to improve mountain biking and mountain bike access in the Middlesex Fells.


Greater Boston NEMBA wants to hear from you about how to improve riding in the Fells. It’s been 8 years since the DCR created the Resource Management Plan (RMP) that should help guide the future of mountain biking in the Fells, yet we still need to get to work alongside DCR to execute many of the recommendations. 


When the RMP was created it made sense for us to focus on projects like Dark Hollow Pond trail and establishing rides and events. Now it's time to develop an action plan within RMP guidelines to improve access to new trails and continue to build a positive relationship with the park. Join us to learn what the opportunities are. Join us to see if you’d like to get involved to make the Fells a great place to legally ride.


Please RSVP to so we know you’re interested in coming. Read more about Fells MTB Access: 2020 and Beyond


Winchester Public Library, 80 Washington St, Winchester, MA 01890


Greater Boston


Event Leader

Mark Bialas

CC NEMBA Trail Build


12/1/19 10:00am

Cape Cod NEMBA Sandwich Trail Build

On Sunday 12/1 we'll be adding to the inventory of trails behind the Oak Ridge School in Sandwich.

While these trails are being built for the town's after school mountain bike program they will be open during non-school hours to everyone.

Our 11/10 trail build added about 1.8 miles of new buffed singletrack trails. On 12/1 we hope to build 2+ miles more.

Upon completion we'll have about 6 miles of trails behind the school. Wow!

  More details will be forthcoming, but for now put 12/1 on your calendars. 

This will be a fun event and will reward us with a new trail that we can enjoy forever.

  SIgn NEMBA"s annual Trail Care Waiver ahead of time if you haven't already done so,

  Read more about CC NEMBA Trail Build


Cape Cod

Event Leader

Frank Merola

Cape Cod NEMBA Sandwich Trail Build


11/10/19 8:00am

Cape Cod NEMBA Trail Build in Sandwich

Cape Cod NEMBA will be building new trails in Sandwich behind the Oak Ride School on Sunday 11/10 starting at 8:00 AM.

The new trails will add to the school's current trail inventory and will be open to everyone thereafter.

Bring shoes, long sleeved shirts and gloves. If you have loppers, bring them. Lawn rakes would be good too.

We'll have a brush hog and a gravely and will use them to do most of the trail work. Much the same as we've been doing in the trail creation projects at Old Jail Lane.

We should be done by Noon and then may go someplace for appropriate lunch and libations.

Location: Oak Ridge School: To get there go to 110 Mill Road, drive past the gate, which will be open and park behind the maintenance building.  Don't block the road.

  Sign NEMBA's once a year Trail Care Waiver ahead of time to save time.

You do not have to be a NEMBA members to take part.  You just have to want to build great singletrack trails.

   Not to be redundant, but here's the info from our Facebook Page.

The Town of Sandwich has accepted our proposal to build a new trail behind Oak Ridge School. We are looking for Volunteers to help this Sunday November 10th.

This weekend’s project is the first of two approved trails.

This new trail will be designated as the expert loop for the kids in the Sandwich After School Mountain Bike Program and be a multi-use trail for bikers, walkers, hikers and XC Skiers.

There is an existing .60 mile trail/segment known as “West Sandwich Intro” that we are going to improve and do a few reroutes. We are going to add about 1.5 miles of new trail onto this and form a lollipop loop. When finished it will be OVER 2 Mile loop of rolling single-track.

Install day Sunday November 10th @ 8am Behind Oak Ridge School. We are meeting behind maintenance building on Mill Rd, Sandwich MA. GPS 110 Mill Road. Mill goes from paved to dirt - go through gate and park behind maintenance building. Do not block building. NOTE PLEASE DO NOT PARK AT OAK RIDGE SHOOOL. EVEN WITH SCHOOL BEING CLOSED THEY DO NOT WANT TRAFFIC, CARS OR INDIVIDUALS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS.

Bring work boots, gloves, safety glasses, bug spray and water.

Tools to bring: Loppers, folding saws, snips, shovel and rake. We could use a couple more cordless lithium chain saws (want to keep the noise down as we are not far from the golf course tee boxes).

We have three brush hog type machines and will split up into three teams. Each team will clear deadfall on the trail in front of the machines and lop off the remaining brambles behind the machine. We have a couple backpack blowers to blow the debris off the trail when finished.

We plan on starting at 8am and going till were finished. Trail is already flagged.


  Read more about Cape Cod NEMBA Sandwich Trail Build


Cape Cod

Event Leader

Frank Merola