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Southeast MA

Quincy Trails

199 Merrymount Pkwy
Quincy  Massachusetts  02170
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Quincy has many choice but small riding areas. You could spend most of a day trying to ride them all. All of them are connectable by short pavement sections that we make the most of. There are ‘logs’ (curb stops) to hop, ‘trees’ (electric light poles) to dodge, and plenty of spastic squirrels to watch out for. But at the end of each paved section there’s another trail—singletrack, doubletrack, squiggly, marshy, backyard, gravelly and some even downright spooky cemetery trails. Some say night is best, some appreciate the early morning light, some prefer the trails close to the bay where the ocean breezes will provide plenty of relief during a hot summer workout.
There are a few ways to get to Quincy’s trails. Being an urban setting, there are plenty of MBTA buses with bike racks on them. If you live in or near Quincy, you can start your ride at home, and pickup trails along the way. Or, if you are driving from somewhere else, there are lots of parking options. Pageant Field at Merrymount Park is the best and safest place, with plenty of parking spaces when there aren’t any ball games going on there. Beechwood Knoll School is another option, when school isn’t in session. Wollaston Beach has hundreds of spaces along the sea wall and various other lots. If you’ve ridden with me in Quincy, you know where I live and are welcome to park there.
Here’s a brief description of a ride you can do anytime:
Black’s Creek Loop is a nice fast flat but interesting ride. Start at Beechwood Knoll School. Head east on Fenno street, or rather on the grass along Fenno, until you reach the Sailor’s Cemetery entrance. This is a peninsula that has an outer marshier loop, and an inner loop that has many little connecting trails. Do both, and you’ll log about 1.25 miles. On a hot summer day, or a cold blustery winter day, just stay there and do loops! There also is a lot of history there with the Sailors Cemetery and a neat Osprey nest built by the scouts. When you’ve seen enough there, head back out towards Fenno, but take a right into the woods before the gate. That will head you back towards the beach. Go right at Quincy Shore Drive and follow the dirt stripe until you reach Caddy Park. Another historical area with inscribed granite stones that provide info on the past. Back along the bike path, check out the tidal flood gates before heading right along Furnace Brook parkway. (At this point, you can opt to ‘drop in’ to the ‘bowl’ and grunt back up to the sidewalk) You’ll see an entrance to the woods on your right. This fun little trail will bring you back along FBP inside the guardrail. At the next intersection, go right again, and right again at the dirt parking lot. Stay right and go through the rock barriers. You’ll go through the boat ramp lot, and up the dirt road. Almost to the top of the road you’ll see a trail on the right, and a quick left. After this there are lots of little options, and some pavement to get you back to Beechwood. I won’t spoil ALL the fun, but just remember as long as the marsh is generally on your right, you can’t get lost!
There are LOTS more places to ride in Quincy, and hopefully I’ll have a better map put together someday. Until then, feel free to explore and, or use the SE Mass NEMBA Facebook page to contact one of us local Quincy riders to show you around!
Steve Cobble

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SNOWpatuck Winter Bike Bash


2/25/18 9:00am to 2:00pm

                          Event Cancelled!


On 2/25/17 SE MA NEMBA and the Friends of Wompatuck will NOT be hosting a Winter Bike Bash at Wompatuck State Park.


    Conditions are such (MUD) that it would harm the trails to have an event!


              Maybe next year!!!!!
Winter ain't over folks............we are back on!!

3rd annual SNOWPATUCK Fat Bike Bash

Guided Rides on masterfully groomed trails. (If there's enough snow). After the ride come in out of the cold and warm up by the twin fireplaces for a FREE warm lunch. 

Types of rides........
Expert ride 15 to 20 miles
Intermediate ride 10-12 miles
Mellow ride 8-10
Novice ride 5-7
Of course, the weather and snow cover will determine if this ride/event is only suitable for all bikes of just Fat Bikes.
For more information and last minute updates, check the event's Facebook page.
Free Admission


Wompatuck State Park, Visitor's Center


Cape Cod Greater Boston SE Mass


Event Leader

Dave Farrell

Southeast MA

The Badlands, Yarmouth

42 German Hill Rd
Yarmouth  Massachusetts  02675
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Exit 8 – The Badlands

Winter weary riders often travel to Cape Cod for early season riding. The Cape has much to offer. For most of the winter the Cape’s trails are snow free and dry. Then too almost every town on the Cape has at least one really good trail network to explore.  Locals know where these are but most off-Capers seem to focus on Otis in Falmouth and the West Barnstable Conservation Area in Marston’s Mills. A few will venture farther down the arm of the Cape to Nickerson State Park in Brewster, but few get to ride anyplace else.

What a shame! On route 6 alone Exit 1 & 2 lead you to Shawme Crowell State Forest in Sandwich. Exit 3 to Scudder Creek, also in Sandwich. Exit 4 to the Maple Swamp Conservation area. Exit 5 to the aforementioned West Barnstable Conservation Area. Exit 6 to the Hathaway’s Pond Conservation area in Barnstable. Exit 7 to over 50 miles of trails in Barnstable and Yarmouth at “Willow Street”. Exit 8 to “The Badlands” in Yarmouth Port. Exit 9 to the “Route 6 Trails” in South Dennis. Exit 11 to the “Test Track” and Exit 12 to Nickerson State Park.
If you’ve never heard of some of these places, but would like to explore them, and many others not mentioned here, or on the NEMBA site, Join the Cape Cod NEMBA Group Facebook page and ask a local for a tour.

To whet your whistle let’s take a look at just one of these riding gems, The Badlands.

The Badlands are located in Yarmouth Port just north of Route 6. They consist of a vast network of trails on both private and public lands. They go on for miles. The Badlands’ trails actually connect to trails leading all the way back to Maple Swamp at exit 4. That’s about 30 miles. (But we’ll save that ride for another day.)

The riding at the Badlands ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous. Many of the singletracks are smooth and flowy, completely lacking in rocks or roots as the glide up, down and around some very gentile hills.

On the other extreme, the rediculous, is the Badland Trail. Although the whole area is referred to by the locals as The Badlands, the Badland Trail itself is a deviously constructed singletrack that winds itself over and around every defilement, rock, crevice and drop that could be found at a long abandoned sandpit. You’ll know when you’re on it because it will be unlike anything else you’ve ever ridden. Ummmm – Or walked, before.

Fortunately the Badland Trail is an exception. Most of the area’s trails are quite suitable for all levels of riders though some are quite hilly. The gently rolling hills become steeper and longer as you head east and they do add up.  By the end of your ride, you'll be tired. A quick look at the map will show you that the trail network is quite convoluted. More than one day of exploring will be required to find out where they all go. 

Assisting in this is a marked portion of the Cape Cod Pathway that sort of runs from end to end and the Bud Carter trail that starts in the northeastern corner.

Weir Road, which turns into Great western Road runs through the middle of the Badlands. The trails to the east of Weir/Great Western are mostly easy and flowing with some hills. That is – except for the Badlands Trail. 

The climbs north of Weir/Great Western Road can be challenging. Especially if you’re going the wrong way on the area’s many singletracks. But they do have a purpose. At one point you’ll be at the top of an immense sand pit with an excellent view of the surrounding area. Step, or ride off the edge of the sandpit though, and it’s a long way down.

I usually choose to park near the base of German Hill Road, about 1000 feet north of Route 6 where there’s a small parking area. 42 German Hill Road, Yarmouth Port on your GPS will get you there. Though the trail starts about 500 feet before that. The main trail goes into the woods on the north side of this road. Park here and you get to ride all of the best flowy stuff before you get to the harder trails.

Alternatively you could park at 230 North Dennis Road where there’s very limited parking. This is at the start of the Bud Carter Trail. If you choose that option you’ll be starting at the low point of the area and will get some warm up climbs right off the bat.

If you’re not into exploring on your own, as I suggest above, use the Facebook option to see if you can get some locals to show you around. But, if you are exploring on your own, you won’t get too lost. Bring a copy of the map and listen. On most of the trails you can hear Route 6 traffic noise off in the distance.

Given the number of trails mentioned above, if you’re heading to the Cape this winter for a ride, why not make it a weekend mini-vacation instead of a day trip? The snow slush and mud will still be waiting for you when you get home, and don’t you deserve a break?

Oh!   And of course the trails are even better in the spring, summer and fall.   :-)
Bill Boles
  Read more about The Badlands, Yarmouth

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Sea Sports Bike

Orleans Cycle

Buzzards Bay Bikes (Formerly Sailworld)

Spark Bikes

Corner Cycle

Bike Zone

Bike Den

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Links to Relevant Resources

Spark Turkey Chase


11/28/15 8:00am to 9:30am


Can you believe that this will be the fourth year that we've done this? This will be the fourth year that we've transformed our Saturday morning group ride & run into something ridiculous. It's very unofficial; there is no signing up, no fee, no t-shirt, no waiver, and no real pressure other than the bragging rights involved. The point is to get together and have fun while collecting toys for needy Taunton kids.



Everyone is divided into two groups; Turkeys and Hunters. Turkeys are trail runners and they get a 15 minute head start. Turkeys flee at 8:00am after a group picture. Hunters are mountain bikers and they pursue the Turkeys. The object is to have your group finish before the other group. We don't keep score but there's always a few turkeys who squeak through.


We use the Massasoit State Park "race loop" for this except without the ending loop and it comes out to about 7 miles. It is rooty but not rocky and has some small little hills in it. We mark it with some really bright orange arrows on trees yet somehow someone always gets lost. If you get lost, too bad. The park isn't really that big so you'll find your way back eventually. If you're prone to getting lost please turn in your new and unwrapped toy BEFORE the start.


7:30am - 7:45am: Arrive and assemble in the parking lot. Please do not arrive later than 7:45am!

7:50am: Group picture and briefing.

8:00am: Turkeys Flee

8:15am: Hunters Pursue

9:15am: Most People Finished

9:30am: Turn in Toys at Spark Bike Run Sports


A few years ago we found out that Toys For Tots no longer distributes toys to families in the Taunton area so this year the toys will go to the CCHS Honor Society Toy Drive. Coyle & Cassidy students do an amazing job every year with this toy drive which actually allows the parents to "shop" for toys while their kids are entertained at a party elsewhere in the school. The toys will go there this year.

After the "race" bring your new and unwrapped toy over to Spark and hang out for awhile. We'll have coffee and donuts. It's also Small Business Saturday so the shop might be busy, hopefully.

Every year this thing gets a little bigger and every year we say that we're going to make it some kind of "official" event but for now just another group ride/run works for us. We hope you'll join us!

Check our Facebook Page for last minute updates.


Cape Cod SE Mass


Event Leader

Mike O'Connell

SE MA NEMBA Turkey Afterburner


11/29/15 8:30am

Mountain Bike Ride at Foxboro State Park

DATE: Sunday November 29th 8:30am - 12:30pm

Join us at Foxboro State Park (68 Mill St, Foxborough - down the road from the Ranger station) - rides start at 9AM from the Foxboro town Recreation lot.

A FREE, fun day of riding for all abilities.

And join us after the ride for a free brunch!!!


Foxboro, MA


SE Mass


Event Leader

David Farrell

Cape Cod NEMBA Toy Drive Ride


12/8/19 (All day)

Join Cape Cod NEMBA for our annual Toys for Tots ride.

The Cape Cod chapter of NEMBA and Mills Air Service are joining together to make kids smile on Christmas morning.

Toy drop off will be from 8:30-9:30 am and there will be a group photo shortly after 9:30. The ride will follow. There will also be a kids's ride.

The main ride will break off into groups based on ability level. Please bring a new unwrapped toy or canned food with you to donate. There will not be any marked loops so please arrive early.

There will also be a kids group ride, or maybe more than one depending on the turnout.

There are always more needy kids than there are people out riding mountain bikes, so if you can, consider donating more than one toy or a bag of canned food.

Also there is a greater need for toys for teens.

Location: This year we will be starting at the Cape Cod Airfiled, located at 1000 Race Lane in Marston's Mills. Drive into the airfield. Go past the hangers to the large field.

   The The C.O.MM Fire District will bring a Fire Truck.  Perfect for kids to climb on and explore.

  Note:  Although there's no hunting in Massachusetts on Sundays it wouldn't be a bad idea to wear some orange.  Hmmmmmm, like maybe the orange Cape Cod NEMBA shirt.  :-)

Save time by signing NEMBA's once a year ride waiver ahead of time.

  You do not have to be a member of NEMBA to attend.  You just have to want to make some child's Christmas morning happier.


Image        Read more about Cape Cod NEMBA Toy Drive Ride


Blackstone Valley Cape Cod Greater Boston Rhode Island


Event Leader

Mike Dube

RI NEMBA Fun Ride at Diamond Hill


11/15/15 9:00am to 3:30pm

Diamond Hill Fun Ride, POSTPONED

We will update later once a new date has been decided upon.

All proceeds will go to the further development and maintenance of the Diamond Hill Trail System.
2 Arrowed loops, a 10 mile advanced option and a 5 mile easier option.
Address to Diamond Hill is 4300 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, RI.  Enter the park and follow the signs to the pump track!  Registration will be at the pump track


Diamond Hill (Cumberland, RI)


Rhode Island



10/26/15 (All day)


The meeting will be postponed, maybe until Wednesday.  There will be an update tomorrow.

SEMASS NEMBA will be holding a much-needed meeting at Landry's Norwood Bike Shop this coming Monday, October 26, at 7 pm.

All are welcome to attend, you don't have to be a member of SE MASS NEMBA to be there.

Bring your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, twisted singletrack tales, and an appetite. We always provide dinner.  :-)

See you there.


SE Mass

Event Leader

Steve Cobble
781 254-8796

Saturday Mellow Ride 10-24-15

Event Date

10/24/15 (All day)
Saturday's Mellow ride will start from the back end of the International Fund for Animal Welfare parking lot at 10:AM. That's at 290 Summer St Yarmouth, MA

This ride will differ from the last in that it will be on mostly flat non-technical trails. The pace will be mellow and I expect that we'll cover 10 or more miles in 1.5 - 2 hours.

This is intended to be a fun, no stress ride.  We won't run away from anyone.

Please be there by 9:45 so that we can get the ride off at 10:00.

Hope you can join us.  :-)


Yarmouth, MA




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Ride Leader Name

Bill Boles