Southeast MA

Southeast MA

Four Ponds, Monks Park & Sister's Woodlands, Bourne

140 Barlows Landing Road
Pocasset  Massachusetts  02559
United States








The Four Ponds Conservation Area is located entirely in the town of Pocasset on Cape Cod. It’s contiguous with the Bourne Town Forest so most locals lump them together and just refer to them as Four Ponds. It also abuts Bourne's Monks Park conservation area and is only 1/2 mile from Sister's Woodland. SO it makes sense to put all three on one page.

Four Ponds

One of the most enjoyable trails that I’ve ever ridden on the Cape is Four Pond’s Pine Trail. It’s a smooth never straight singletrack snaking through the woods. It never goes for long without going around a tree, a rock or up or down some small hill. Whoever laid that trail out fully grasped the concept that the experience can often outweigh the location.  It’s only a few miles long but you’ll be disappointed when it’s over. But then again, you can ride it in both directions.

Four ponds is well marked. You’ll find hard to get off the track if you follow the trail markers for any of the mapped trails. Ah the map…. Unfortunately it doesn’t show all of the trails. And it doesn’t show many of the trails in the Bourne Town Forest which is immediately north of Four Ponds. 

Please note that there are some local trails immediately south of the Tara Terrace neighborhood and north of Four Ponds that cross private property and should be avoided. Avoid those trails.

Monks Park

Monk's Park located to the west of Four Ponds both north and south of Valley Bars Road is a small conservation area with about 2 miles of very enjoyable singletracks. You can use these trails to ride right down to Monk's Cove for a swim on a hot summer's day. And the trails leading out onto the two peninsulas are scenic and normally private.

Sister's Woodlands

SIster's Woodlands is located about 1/2 mile north of Valley Bars Road on Country Road. It's a small area. But the trails here are diferent. Lots of abrubt hills and tight corners. 

Most people coming to this area ride the endless trails of Otis. Never realizing that less than a mile away, just on the other side of Route 28 that there’s a much smaller, but just as enjoyable place to ride.

Cautions: You will encounter a lot of people and dogs especially near the parking areas. Many older people enjoy relaxing on the many benches provided around the four ponds and on scenic spots along the trails. The ponds themselves are beautiful. Stop for a bit and you’ll observe turtles, frogs, swans, ducks and many other types of birds. The area used to be a fish hatchery and there’s still good fishing here. Drop a line and you’ll agree.

To sum up. Four Ponds, monk's Park and Sister's Woodlands may not attract hard core bikers. It’s not that kind of a place. But for a relaxed ride where you’ll get a chance to explore some wonderful trails immersed in nature. Give Four Ponds a try.

Alternative Four Ponds Parking:  There's another good parking area at 58 Valley Bars Road in Bourne.  This one is always less crowded and gives you quicker access to the Bourne Town Forest trails. Read more about [node:title]

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SUPER 8 was...SUPER!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I gotta say, that, as usual, the entire Super8 Ride Series, with the finale of the Toys Ride, was a group effort. Local peeps came out in support of their favorite riding spots and led and assisted with rides. Riders and their spouses and kids volunteered to work the sign-up tables and even helped cook! Bike shops came out to offer tech support, lead rides, and generally spread the good word. The idea of a ride series has been bounced around the chapter table for many years, and we've even had some successful skills series and such. But at our January meeting David Farrell setup a slide/ video presentation for us complete with super graphics and charts and graphs and stuff. Blown away by his enthusiasm, we came up with a master plan over the winter and by spring, we were ready for our series 'pilot' at Wompatuck State Park. The formula seemed to work well, and lots of people were starting to ask about it, so near end of summer, we started it up full speed and had an event in a different park every few weeks. We had rides in Borderland, Foxboro, Freetown, Ames Nowell, Massasoit, and Blue Hills. We had different themes for some rides-- Foxboro was a Turkey Burner 'Brunch' ride, Freetown was a joint 'demo-bike' effort with a local shop, Ames was supported by Bike Barn, in Blue Hills the Holiday Toys Ride was a natural fit. The toys collected went directly to InterFaith Social Services in Quincy to be distributed to south shore kids in need for the holidays Local advocacy groups Bike Milton and Quincycles helped promote. Blue Hills Cycling Club came out in huge numbers. The racers in 'Ice Weasels' race on the previous day filled three huge bins full of toys and delivered them to the Toys Ride. But what was great about the Super8 as a whole was that each ride had more riders signed in than the last! The real key to the success of the Super8 came from the dedication of each park's local crew. They're the ones who know the trails best and can translate that to the most FUN! And FUN was had, BY ALL! Thanks to all of my chapter VP's and board members--Christopher Patrick, Richard Higgins, Malcolm Neilson, Brad Childs, Jack Storer, Chip Baker, Jason Berube, John John Bailey, David Farrell, Dave and Leslie Riding, support crew people like Wayne Strohm, Bricky Cement, all of our spouses who understand our commitment to having FUN and our kids who  school us on how to have more FUN, too many more to list, and to all those who helped us out throughout the year. Thanks to Mass DCR and Ranger Lt. Tom Bender, Blue Hills TrailWatch, NE MTB Patrol, Spark BikeRunSports, BikeBarn, Landry's, Anderson Bike, Bicycle Link, Dave's Bike Infirmary, ( my apologies to anyone I missed ....) And special thanks to all who came out to ride with us--it's all your smiling faces that makes it all worthwhile! ( OH Yeah! and the fact that we get to ride too! ) Stay tuned for next year--we will do this again-- STEVE COBBLE

End-Of-Year Chapter Update and Featured Recipe

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SEMass Chapter Update 11/15/14

WOW! Whatta year! We’ve had a dizzying amount of fun events, rides, meetings, events, meetings, and rides. Oh did I say everything twice? That’s right !! We’ve probably had TWICE as many of everything this year here in SEMass NEMBA-Land. Or as we affectionately refer to it—‘The Southeast Kingdom’……
Twice as many of everything equaled twice as much FUN!
Some of the FUN that we had included:
-- The now famous Super8 rides series, where we showcased 8 different parks
-- We represented at the Northeast Regional Mountain Bike Summit in Hyannis
-- Chris Patrick hosted many trail- and bridge-building days at Clifford Grant in Easton,     and was able to see this three-year project completed before the snow really started flying.
-- A NEW trail system was built in Wompatuck in the now-open ‘Annex’ where all the crumbly old rockets and ammuition buildings were finally removed. As of now, this adds about 3 more miles of trail to the park, with plans for even more starting in spring.
--We hosted the NEMBA BOD Ride/Meeting at Adams Farm, which despite some cold rain and snow, brought NEMBA leaders from all over New England for a great pow wow
--Our NEMBAFest SEMass Barbecue, which we promise to expand on for the upcoming year……
In the words of dedicated mountain biking ambassador Jay Tarantino, 2014 brought us “New bikes, New trails and best of all new friends”

Now that we are riding headlong into WINTER, dreaming of  sugarplums and new studded tires, what better way to stay warm but with a dark, roasted, crunchy bacony snack that you can share with your riding buds (or not…)


One of Steve's Secret Trail-Shaking Snacks

You probably have never heard me talk of this, or even share with you. I've been sneaking bites at trail intersections while everyone's busy catching their breath....but now it's time to SHARE!! It's an easy-to-make great winter snack that you can keep in your pack.
Be careful, it can be addictive!!

6 slices Nice Smoked Bacon , cooked, but not crisp-- reserve all the rendered fat!!!
2 cups raw Pumpkin Seeds
1 cup sliced almonds
1 cup raisins or dried cranberries
Nanami Togarashi Spice/pepper blend( available at your local Asian market )

Chop up the bacon into 1/4" pieces and put in a non-stick  or cast-iron pan with the bacon fat.
Warm up the bacon on medium heat until it starts to crisp, then add the pumpkin seeds and almonds. Continue to cook until 'golden' brown, adding as much of the spice as you like.  Turn off the heat and spoon out onto paper towels. When cool enough to handle (but not cold) add the dried fruit, then put back onto fresh paper towels until room temp and all the excess fat has drained off. This will keep the 'greasy finger' problem to a minimum while on the trail.
Ziplock baggie-up and take on your next adventure!! It lasts a good long time at room temp but I don't know how long. Best to refrigerate if more than a few days, but also tastiest when consumed at room temp. You can freeze it if you want to make big batches.

Variation: add small chunks of 70% bittersweet chocolate when the mixture is cold.


Steve Cobble

Trail of Tears Shooting Range

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Do you want to continue to keep the West Barnstable Conservation Area quiet and safe for biking?  We need your help! A group of concerned citizens are working to keep the shooting range (located on the north side of the West Barnstable Conservation Area) closed. 

The Town of Barnstable wants to re-open the range as soon as it can (it's been closed since Dec 2012).  A few trails will be closed to make a "buffer zone" from the shooting ranges. 

If you are concerned about this and might be willing to write an email or make a phone call, or, if you just want to learn more about what's going on regarding efforts to keep the Conservation Area safe for ALL passive recreation, send a note to and we'll get right back to you!  Thanks!

At the October 16th Barnstable Town Council meeting the Council voted to put off consideration of this issue until January 22nd.

>>Try to attend that meeting it will be at 7:00 PM at Town Hall, South Street, Hyannis that's when the vote is expected to be taken. Read more about [node:title]

SE Mass NEMBA Super Eight Destination Ride Series

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SEMASS NEMBA presents 2014 "The Super 8 Destination Ride Series"

Join the Southeastern Massachusetts Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association for a series of guided mountain bike rides in 8 different locations.

Each location we visit will feature multiple guided rides for all skill levels led by locals to the trails to give you a feel for the type of riding at that particular park .

This years locations and dates are:
  Tentative Dates Location/Event
1 May 10 Wompatuck State Park (Hingham)
2 June 29 Freetown-Fall River State Forest - Ibis Demo Day
3 August 17 Borderland State Park (Easton)
4  October 19 Massasoit State Park (Taunton)
5 November 16 Ames Nowell State Park (Abington)
6 Date TBA Adams Farm
7 November 28 F Gilbert Hills State Forest- ‘Turkey Burner’ Brunch Ride
8 December 14 Blue Hills Reservation (Milton) - ‘Toys’ Ride

Check back for updates on the rides.  Links will be provided as soon as details are available.

Sandy Neck Beach Fat Tire Policy

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sandy Neck, Barnstable Beach Fat Tire Policy

A web page for access information for folks that want to ride on Sandy Neck Beach has been created. 

As Fat Tire Bikes continue to grow in popularity, the challenge is going to be to keep riders educated during the summer (shorebird nesting) seasons.  It is during this time (April through September) that areas of the beach will be closed to many types of recreational activates (including biking) as required by state and federal endangered species protection laws.  Within these closed sections there can potentially be hundreds of tern and plover nests/chicks that are camouflaged almost completely with sand.  I would suggest that mountain bikers check this web site and this Public Service pdf prior to each visit as the closed areas will change over the season. 

Also, it goes without saying (but we will say it nevertheless) fat tire bikes must stay on open marked trails.

After and before nesting season, usually from sometime in September to sometime in May, (though that can vary significantly), most established trails are open to bikes. But, as always there's never any riding on the dunes.

Check the  Fat Tire Bike information page for updates.

Map of the beach

  Read more about [node:title]

SE MASS NEMBA 2014 Weekly Rides

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Announcing SE Mass NEMBA's weekly rides for 2014. Please follow the links for details as well as the ride leader's contact information.

Rotating through Southeastern MA (9am) - Intermediate XC

Foxboro/Borderland (5:45pm) - Intermediate

Foxboro (6pm) - Intermediate
Quincy - Urban All Levels

Rotating SE MASS or Cape Cod (9am) - Advanced Novice
Wompatuck (5:45pm) - Intermediate

Foxboro (6pm) - Advanced Intermediate
Kingston (6pm) - Novice

Massasoit (6:45am) - All Levels
Wompatuck (9am) - All Levels

Cape Cod NEMBA Saturday Mellow Ride

Event Date

Repeats every week every Saturday until Sat Dec 18 2021 except Sat Dec 04 2021, Sat Dec 11 2021.
11/27/21 (All day)

Saturday Mellow Rides are designed to be fun.

   There will be no Saturday Mellow Ride for the first two weeks in December due to Deer Season.

They are low key follow-the-leader rides where the goal is to get out and enjoy the woods rather than race through them.

The trails we ride are usually easy and this is a perfect ride for people with developing skills, kids and families and people getting back into riding after a break.

from adderall We normally ride for about 1.5 to 2 hours and we stop frequently to catch our breath, or, if desired, occasionally we'll practice a skill.

Better riders will enjoy these rides as recovery rides or to just cruise around in the woods without pressure.

Saturday Mellow rides will happen frequently on Saturdays. But only when I know people are coming.
by phentermin

Let me know if you'd like to join us.     

I'll respond with the location, directions, and to answer any questions. 

   Also everyone must have signed NEMBA's once-a-year Annual Waiver ahead of time. 

   Non-NEMBA members are welcome, but also need to sign the waiver.

  Read more about [node:title]


TBD, Cape Cod or SE MAss




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Ride Leader Name

Bill Boles

Southeast MA

West Barnstable Conservation Area

1590 Race Lane
Barnstable  Massachusetts  02648
United States








The West Barnstable Conservation Area is one of Cape Cod treasures and one of its prime riding areas. It's a 1200 acre parcel of conservation land in the village of West Barnstable. The main recreation focus is multi-use and revolves around mt.biking, hiking, trail running and cross country skiing. Hunting is allowed in season. Motorized vehicles are not allowed.

This area is very atypical for Cape Cod vegetation. American beech, Red oak, Sassafras, White pine, and American holly make up most of the tree canopy. The understory consists of Sweetfern, Bayberry, Greenbriar, Spirea, and low bush blueberry, to name a few.

Management of the West Barnstable Conservation Area falls under the Barnstable Conservation Commission and the Barnstable Land Management Committee. However, most decisions are made by the Barnstable Land management Committee which is a non-regulatory board.

There is approximately 21 miles of singletrack that wind throughout the West Barnstable Conservation Area. The majority of singletrack is short and steep with some very twisted sections. Though the trails are not very technical, they’re full of short steep climbs which make for a great aerobic roller coaster ride.

Maps are available through the Conservation Department and at the top of this page. Cape Cod NEMBA has built a scenic overlook in this area as well as naming and marking the trails with signs. 

The trails were originally a 9 mile enduro motorcycle loop back in the 70's It is now a meticulously maintained and marked with over 20 miles of singletrack trails. Fire roads and fields add to the diversity. In the early 80's a couple of local legends, Doug Jordan and Art Hastings grabbed their Univega Alpha Unos and attempted those motorcycle trails which were straight-up-and-down-over-the-bars-rear-tire-skidding steep. At the end of 9 miles with tears in their eyes and many bruises, they called the area the "Trail of Tears". A name that has faded with time and the many improvements that Cape Cor NEMBA and the town of Barnstable have made over the years. Now the trails are mostly a pleasant fast rolling challenge. Although there many areas to ride on the Cape, the West Barnstable Conservation Area is one of the best.

How to get there:

The parking lot is located just off exit 5 on the mid-cape highway, Route 6. From the East take a right off the exit then another right. That is the Service Road. If you're coming from the East turn left at the end of the exit ramp and then turn right on the Service Road. Parking is approximately 300 yards down on the left. Start here and your ride begins with hills.

Another parking lot is located at 1590 Race Lane on the South side of the conservation area. From exit 5 head south on Route 149 until you get to a small rotary. Turn right on Race Lane and follow it for just under two miles. You'll see the parking area in the woods on your right where Farmersville Road intersects with Race Lane. Start here and your ride begins on flat singletrack.

How to volunteer to care for this park:

Cape Cod NEMBA does regular trail care of the trails and works with Barnstable's Conservation Commission to protect and preserve this trail system. Contact Cape Cod NEMBA to find out about the next trail care event.

Walker Point Trail Mountain Bike Trail, West Barnstable, Massachusetts West Barnstable Conservation Area Mountain Bike Trail in West Barnstable,  Massachusetts - Directions, Maps, Photos, and Reviews Mountain Biking & MTB Trails: Trail of Tears / West Barnstable MA - - Whitman, MA - 781.447.7223 Best trails in West Barnstable Conservation Area, Massachusetts | AllTrails

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