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NEMBA COVID-19 Guidance for Rides & Trail Care Events

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

COVID-19 Guidance for NEMBA Rides & Trail Care Sessions


With warm weather and the easing of Covid-19 restrictions we know that there will be an iincrease in group rides and trail work days. Please consider the guidance below, as well as the state by state guidelines, when organizing and hosting a group ride, trail care event, or other event. We all want to ride bikes, let’s just do it safely!


Key Takeaways:

  • All participants must sign the NEMBA Annual Waiver.

  • Email with information of any upcoming events.

  • Follow state & local guidelines (see links below as these can change frequently)

  • We strongly encourage you to maintain a list of attendees with contact info so we have a record of participation and can do outreach to non-members.  This will also help in the event contact tracing is ever necessary. 

  • Most riders prefer a smaller, more personal group ride experience. Try to keep trail groups small, 10 or less is ideal. Split larger groups if possible. 

  • Masks are not required for fully vaccinated individuals and others who are recreating outdoors but are still an excellent preventative measure when in close contact or when near unvaccinated or at-risk people. 

  • Respect the wishes of any volunteer or participant who requests more enhanced protocols. Every individual has their own risk tolerance.

  • Very importantly, all state and local guidelines still apply.


Current State Requirements: (Subject to change.) - updated June 15, 2021

Click on the State name for links to individual state COVID-19 websites

Connecticut: No outdoor mask requirements. No outdoor limit on group size.

Massachusetts: No mask requirements for fully vaccinated. No limit on outdoor group size. All State covid restrictions end on 6/15.

Maine: No outdoor mask requirements. No limits on group size.

New Hampshire: No outdoor mask requirements. No limits on group size. Covid restrictins end 6/12.

Rhode Island: No outdoor mask requirement. No limits on group size

Vermont: No outdoor mask requirements. No limits on group size. All Covid restrictions ended 6/15.

CDC Covid-19 Guidelines

CT DEEP, Maine Bureau of Parks, Mass DCR Guidance, NH State Parks, RI DEM Guidance, VT State Parks 

   Note: Some cities and towns may have different rules.


NEMBA Recommendations for smaller events, rides, and trail care sessions

  • To schedule a group ride or trail care event send an email to

  • All participants must also sign the NEMBA Annual Waiver

  • Volunteers and participants should remain home if not feeling well, if they have received a positive COVID test, or if they have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID.

  • We strongly encourage chapters to maintain a list of attendees with contact info so we have a record of participation and can do outreach to non-members. This will also help in the event contact tracing is ever necessary. This can be as simple as a sign-in list, if capacity is not a concern, or a pre-registration site such as EventBrite. 

Many chapters just keep a record of attendees. Either by pre-signing up people or taking names and email addresses at the event. This is a best-practice, regardless of COVID.

NEMBA offers EventBrite registration, with a covid-19 questionnaire for any individual or chapter that wishes to use it. This can help with capacity requirements due to limited ride guides. Eventbrite is just one option, other options are welcomed.

When riding with the same people every week, this can be waived.

  • Respect parking regulations. Parking has become a problem at some riding areas due to the influx of new trail users. If a parking area is full, find another legal place to park.

  • Try to keep groups small, 10 or less is ideal. Participants have more enjoyable times in smaller groups. Split larger groups if possible. Large groups can also cause trail conflicts and should be avoided. Have sufficient ride leaders to meet demand or create ride limits that reflect your ride leader capacity.

  • Masks are not required for fully vaccinated individuals and others who are recreating outdoors but are still an excellent preventative measure when in close contact or when near unvaccinated or at-risk people. 

  • Exaggerate your courtesy to other trail users. When encountering other trail users, slow down or stop and move off the trail to provide room for people to pass unless they waive you by. Always say hello and be friendly.

  • On trail care days bring hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, etc. Some places require providing sanitizing materials at events 

  • You are strongly encouraged to review the state and local guidelines for your area if post ride food is being offered. Bring hand sanitizer, minimize the sharing of food, and ensure social distancing is maintained.

  • Respect the wishes of any volunteer or participant who requests more enhanced protocols. Every individual has their own risk tolerance. 

  • It is up to local chapters to decide what is best for their area and the comfort level of their ride leaders.

  • Follow local, state and federal guidelines. Use the links above for up-to-date information as these change frequently. 

RI NEMBA Chapter Meeting


11/2/21 7:00pm

Event by RI NEMBA

Morse Tavern RI

For  · Anyone who rides in RI. You don't have to be a member to join us.

It's time for for our monthly chapter meeting.

We'll be discussing Fun Rides, getting more women involved in MTB, DEM relationships, trail build days, possible new riding opportunities and the upcoming yearly RINEMBA officers election.

As the year comes to a close we are already preparing for 2022 to be a huge year for RI.
Come on down to the Morse Tavern in Coventry, located at 446 Tiogue Ave, in Coventry at 7PM.

 We look forward to seeing you there!  Read more about [node:title]


Rhode Island

Event Leader

Alan Winsor

RI NEMBA Trail Day @ Arcadia Management Area


10/23/21 9:00am

Rhode Island NEMBA Trail Day


RINEMBA, along with other user groups, has been asked by DEM to join a trail cleanup day in Arcadia on Saturday, 10/23/21.

This effort will remove blockages from recent storms, etc.

We'll break into small groups and work on trails or areas as directed by DEM.

Since we could be on bikes, I've asked that we be sent into the less-accessible areas.

We will be permitted to use chainsaws for this event; NEMBA will provide the required insurance.
Some within DEM are aware that we do a lot of trail cleanup independently (thank you everyone); this will be a great opportunity to show all of DEM what we can do, and I hope to get a large turnout.

      If you're able to lend a hand, please email me and include:
- Do you prefer to ride or walk
- Have you taken first aid training
- Have you taken chainsaw safety training
- Do you have a chainsaw and safety equipment and can you carry it all safely if you're riding
- Do you have a handsaw (of course you do)
I'll try to split us into appropriate groups (e.g. a sawyer a medic and several laborers; or a few folks with handsaws and fast bikes).

Let me know soon, please, and include a phone number.

This event is open to member and nonmembers alike. All participant need to have completed the NEMBA general waiver (once a year) found here: nemba.org/waiver



Rhode Island


Event Leader

Alan Winsor

RI NEMBA Arcadia Fun Ride


9/18/21 9:00am to 2:00pm

Arcadia Fun Ride

It’s been too long since the last RI Fun ride so please join us at Arcadia Management Area for marked courses through some of the best areas of the park. Due to current permit restrictions, we have a HARD LIMIT of 75 participants so online preregistration will be MANDATORY. There will be no onsite registration. 

   Click this link to Register.   https://member.nemba.org/event-4474423

Please check in with us at the NEMBA tent and you will be provided with an event wristband. Wristbands need to be worn throughout your ride. 

September is hunting season in RI so 200 square inches of Blaze Orange will be REQUIRED to participate.

We’ll have 3 loops that can be combined as you like with a water/snack stop in the middle.

“Advanced Beginner” 7 mile loop around Breakheart Pond and through the flower fields of Midway. Riders should prepare for some roots and rocks but only about 400’ of climbing and mostly mellow terrain.

Two “Intermediate Loops”

-A classic backcountry experience up Breakheart Hill following and crossing wild streams and old campsites into the deepest parts of RI forests. Yielding 8 miles and about 900’ of climbing!

-As a second option a rowdier “enduro” style route up and down the reclaimed trails of Mt Tom with open views of the Arcadia valley and steep fast descents. This one should get you around 9 miles and 1000’ of climbing but you’ll probably remember the downhills more!

“Advanced” loop will be the whole enchilada, backcountry and enduro at about 17 miles and almost 1600’ of climbing/descent. Expert line options will be marked for the adventurous.


Individual NEMBA members can register for $10 (Must register with the email address that your active individual membership is attached to) Guests would be at the non-member rate.

Family NEMBA members can register those that are 13 yrs and older for $10 per person. ($10 for the primary member and then add other family members as guests at the $10 per person rate (13 and older only) (Must register with the email address that your active family membership is attached to)

Guests that are riding with a paying attendee that are 12 years old or younger will ride for free. They must be listed in the appropriate section on the online registration form.

Non-NEMBA members can register for $20 per person or join/renew NEMBA prior to registering for the event to receive the discounted rate.

Any questions regarding your membership status or if you don't know which email address your account is associated with can be directed to membership@nemba.org .

Please don’t forget to sign the NEMBA waiver if you have not already done so this year.


Food: There will be no food available at this event other than small snacks at the water stop. Please plan accordingly. Dan’s Place, Cornerstone Pub and The Middle of Nowhere Diner are about 10-15 minutes away with great post ride dining options.


Arcadia Management Area (Division of Forest Environment): At over 14,000 mostly forested acres, the Arcadia Management Area is the state’s largest recreational area, offering users a great variety of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Co-managed by DEM’s Divisions of Forest Environment and Fish & Wildlife, it is promoted as, and actively managed for hunting, as well as fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, to name a few activities. “Multiple use” management principles apply, assuring a safe and satisfying experience for hunters and non-hunters alike. Miles upon miles of gravel roads and well-marked and maintained trails entice hikers to return to a different section each visit. These same trails are often used by mountain bikers or horseback riders so all users need to act responsibly, show courtesy, and “share the road”.


Read more about [node:title]


Quiet Corner Rhode Island SE Mass Southeastern CT NEMBA


QC NEMBA Woody Hill / Burlington Endurance Ride

Event Date

9/25/21 9:00am to 2:00pm

Ride organized by Quiet Corner NEMBA

Prosser Trl, Charlestown, RI 02813

Duration: 5 hr

For  · Any NEMBA member or non-member who wants a challenging ride.

   You don't have to be a NEMBA member to take part. But everone must have signed NEMBA's Annual Waiver.

This is an Advanced Ride

This ride circumvents the two popular south county areas, starting at Burlingame State Park.

The ride will go counter clockwise through Burlingame and will enter Woody Hill in the middle of Little Sister and hit all the popular trails there, then exit Little Sister back to Burlingame.

Sammy C and the Secret Trails in Burlingame are at the option of group.

Expect a range of miles from 25 to 28 of easy to very difficult trails.

Although this is a 'no drop' ride, please be honest with your ability as there are no bailout spots outside of Burlingame.

The expected ride time is 3.5 to 4 hrs.

There will be a water drop within Woody Hill and a grill for burgers and dogs after the ride.

Bring a bathing suit as we start and end at the pond. 

   Let's Do This!

  Read more about [node:title]



Rhode Island

Ride Level


Ride Style


Ride Leader Name

Serena Dupuis

Rhode Island

Ryan Park, N Kingstown

88 Lafayette Rd
North Kingstown  Rhode Island  02582
United States
There are multiple parking spots on Oak Hill Road.








Ryan Park is located in North Kingston RI. AT 350 acres there are over 11 miles of mostly easy trails to enjoy.

This is a great place for newer riders and kids as it's almost devoid of the rocks and roots of typical RI trails.That's because the park is built on an abandoned dump. Though you'd never know it when you're there.

The trail around Bellview Pond is especially scenic.


Ryan Park, North Kingstown Mountain Biking Trails | Trailforks  Ryan Park - North Kingstown, RI


  Read more about [node:title]

Local Shops

Blackstone Bicycles

NBX Bikes

Rhode Island

Diamond Hill, Cumberland

4097 Diamond Hill Rd
Cumberland  Rhode Island  02864
United States
There are multiple parking areas. See the map.








Diamond Hill State Park & Nearby Trails

Diamond Hill is one of the best riding areas in RI and possibly New England.

There are two parts of the park. There is the town owned ski hill side, which is the actual park, which consists of the pump track, some hiking trails/singletrack and classic New England tech trails.

On the other side are the harder "famous" flow trails with jumps and drops, including Rhody Flow, Rhody O, Chuck Norris and Clyde Frog as well as the 10 mile XC loop.

More info and the Town of Cumberland's trail Map are HERE!

Other nearby trails are shown on this AllTrails map.

You'll enjoy riding here. But only if you're up for a challenge. Beginner trails are few.

Some of the downhill trails are pretty crazy, requiring a downhill bike or advanced skills.

The Warner Trail's southern end is in DIamond Hill State Park. The Warner Trail runs 30 north to Canton, MA with a short connector to the Blue Hills in Milton, MA

For the downhill trails Park at 4174 Diamond Hill Rd for the DH trails and enter using YMBTTTR and the town parking for the pump track and park side trails.

Diamond Hill State Park Mountain Bike Trail in Cumberland, Rhode Island -  Directions, Maps, Photos, and Reviews  Diamond Hill State Park - 6 tips  Best trails in Diamond Hill State Park, Rhode Island | AllTrails  Fat Bike - Diamond Hill State Park - Cumberland, RI. - YouTube Read more about [node:title]

Links to Relevant Resources

Ride Headquarters Northern Reaches Gravel Ride

Event Date

7/18/21 7:00am

Ride the Gravel Trail Mix MA & NH Ride Sunday, July 18

Join us for incredibly beautiful cycling on the back roads of the north-central part of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire! There are TWO distance options for you for this ride! Choose a 100-km route or 100-mile route to ride.

This ride is full of dirt roads, with nice paved roads as well. Most of the route is back roads, away from traffic and people. Keep reading to understand the logistics. This ride starts near Winchendon, MA - so most people will need to drive to the start.

This is a group or solo ride, depending on how you want to ride it. You may get a group of your friends together, you may request to ride with others who are likely of your similar cycling pace and experience, or you’re welcome to ride it alone, though you’re hardly alone when there are so many people on the same route.

Ride with New People Option

Ride with people of your riding speed, but you don’t have to know anyone prior to the ride! This is an option for you if you’d like to ride with a group, but don’t have friends riding or simply want to meet new people who are of a similar strength.

We offered this option for the first time at the Rhode Island Trail Mix ride and it allowed many similar riders to find each other. Since it worked so well, we’re offering it again. Quite a few people selected to opt into a new group.

Ride Details:


  • Ride Type: Remote paved and dirt roads

  • Time & Date: Sunday, July 18, 2021

  • Rollout times will be assigned between 7:00am and 9:30am

    • Longer riders are sent off first, shorter-distance riders are sent off a little later but still early

  • Starting Point: Winchendon, MA

  • Distance: 100 mile or 100 km - you choose

Full Details are Here!




Ride Level


Ride Style


Ride Leader Name


qc NEMBA Endurance Series Woody Hill & Burlingame

Event Date

5/26/21 9:00am

QC NEMBA Endurance Series RI Riide at Woody Hill & Burlingame SP.

Scheduled by Quiet Corner NEMBA

Starting location: Prosser Trail, Charlestown, RI 02813

Date & Tine: Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 9 AM EDT – 2 PM EDT

Price: Free · Duration: 5 hr

Attendees: Any member or prospective member of NEMBA.

   But you must have signed NEMBA's Annual Waiver ahead of time.

This will be a long ride. Details to come as we get closer to the date.

Updates will also be posted to this Facebook Page. Read more about [node:title]



Rhode Island

Ride Level


Ride Style


Ride Leader Name

Serena Dupuis