BV NEMBA Trail Build in Upton


7/10/22 9:00am

It would be nice if trails grew on trees – but they don’t. They have to be pulled from the ground.

We have that opportunity on July 10th with our first venture with the Town of Upton as they have accepted our offer to add a trail to the Whitney Parcel.

While the parcel itself isn’t that large it abuts Upton State Forest and is a key connector to the Warren Brook area.

The plan is to lay in the trail in 3-4 hours, break for lunch and then put first tires on the trail during a tour of the parcel.

Bring gloves, water, bug spray and your bike.

BV NEMBA will provide tools and lunch.

Please be sure to be ready to roll at 9 am as we’ll gather up and hike/bike to the trailhead together.

There will be volunteers to help with parking and direct you to the meeting location.

Sign up on Golden Opportunity to let us know you're coming!

   You don't have to be a NEMBA member to help out.



Blackstone Valley


Event Leader

Laura Zimmer