GB NEMBA - Chapter Meeting Minutes - March 2022

Sunday, April 3, 2022

07Mar2022 GBNEMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes

@ Zoom 7:00pm


In attendance: Mary M, Corey B, Emily T, Maciej S, Kyle H, Doug G, Junko K, Chris A, Mike T, Mike O, Becky T, Lee H, Jon G, Brian, Mark B, Will M, Ilana K, David K, Matt M, Steve P, Peter C, David W, Douglas M, Owen C, M Coolen, Andrea J, Amy D, Lauren K, Noreen G, Damian M, Wes H, Tom G, Craig M, Tom G


Action Items taken from the meeting notes below are now here at the top for easy access:


  1. Continue to partner with Friends of Landlocked Forest and local authorities on the LLF tree vandalism
    1. Work with landowners to support inquiries into who is committing this vandalism and creating dangerous conditions for trail users.
    2. Remove the dangerous trees that are already cut.
  2. Get permission/permit from DCR for May MBAS event with a rain date of 22May.

Volunteers needed for Bikes not Bombs partnership. Organizer: Becky Tabaczynski < >

  1. Volunteers needed for the mapping of trails (in/surrounding Lincoln)
  2. Call to action- Call your local legislators and let them know the ban on mountain bikes on lands managed for drinking water is not based on fact and that this is a wrong that needs righting.




  1. Open Meeting


  1. Accepting last month's minutes motion to accept



  1. Trail Updates
    1. Landlocked Forest
      1. The repair stand is ready to be installed, placement is still a question
      2. Someone has been cutting trees along the trail again. It is probably the same person as before from years ago. If so, this person is violating a court order. These trees are cut such that they can fall onto the trail and cause harm.
        1. Riders should not confront the person if spotted but instead take note of all details to provide to the authorities.
    2. Beaver Brook
      1. No updates - since last month.


    1. Fells
      1. No trail work has been planned at this time.
      2. Mountain Bike Adventure Series (MBAS) is confirmed for May 15th with a rain date of May 22nd.


  1. Bikes not Bombs Partnership update
    1. BnB needs some volunteers to lead or sweep rides.
    2. There will be a meet and greet in the spring (early or late) for riders and volunteers.
    3. Still looking for a path to get from the BnB location to the Blue Hills.


  1. Mapping trails, establishing a network of trails (volunteers needed)
    1. Lincoln has trails and maps are available at town hall.
    2. There is a desire to string together more trails in the area. There is a good opportunity for more gravel-oriented riding.
    3. It could be valuable to partner with local bike shops for this. Gravel riding is a great mix for bringing road riders into mountain biking. Many mountain bikers already have gravel bikes too.


  1. Miscellaneous
    1. NE Youth Cycling (formerly NESCHA)
      1. Looking for youths to join – there is a championship race this year.
      2. More details here:
    2. Ride Guide hosting- Junko and Chris volunteered to host the annual meeting.
      1. Date is still to be determined.
    3. Lauren Kling is looking for girl mountain bikers to join Little Bellas riding group. More info here: Mentor interest should be lodged here:


  1. Reservoir lands
    1. A public document that is often used or referenced to justify why mountain biking is not allowed at various reservoir lands states that the reason is “Improperly managed human fecal waste sanitation”.
      1. Adam G researched water quality reports and none going back to 2014 have any data regarding instances of mountain bikers contaminating the reservoir.
      2. Adam reached out to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and the DCR via FOIA requests for any evidence of the above statement (VII, a) in any of their documents. The reply from MWRA was no, but they suggested checking with the DCR. Still waiting for that response.
      3. Call to action- Call your local legislators and let them know the ban on mountain bikes on lands managed for drinking water is not based on fact and that this is a wrong that needs righting.



Adjourn 8:00pm – Next Meeting Monday, April 4 at 7:30PM