HV NEMBA Trail Day @ Waldo


12/4/21 9:00am

Housatomic Valley TrailBuild @ Waldo State Park.

Work day at Waldo on Saturday, 12/4, 9 AM and home by lunch.

It's time we re-routed part of the Red trail just uphill from the parking lot.

The descent on the far side of the hill past the laurels is getting rooty and eroded.

Paula and I laid out a fun, twisty course just to the west of there.

It will need some benching and some raking, but it won't be a major undertaking.

If more people show than are needed for this task, the trails can definitely use a clipper patrol.

Sign the 2021 NEMBA Waiver if you haven't already done so.

  You don't have to be a member of HV NEMBA to help out.  

You just have to want to make our trails better.


Housatonic Valley NEMBA


Event Leader

Andy Engel