SE & CC NEMBA Wareham Trail Work


11/7/21 8:00am

Cape Cod & SE MA NEMBA Bridge Build

My name is Ethan Nardone. For my Eagle Scout Project I will be constructng bog bridges at the Great Neck Conservation Area in Wareham.

Great Neck is a Wildlands Trust property.

By looking at this Trailfoks map you can see that Great Neck is in the center of a lot of riding. (And many more nearby trails need to be added to the map.)

The project will involve the construction of approximately 24 10 ft bog board bridges to allow bikes to be ridden on the trail without causing damage when the trail is muddy.

Time: From 8:00am to 12:00pm, this is just a preliminary estimate however.

Meeting Location: 34 Crooked River Road, Wareham

I'll need as many people as I can get because the more bridges that we can build at once the better.

Bring: A battery powered drill if you have one. But otherwise a good set of work gloves and sturdy shoes or boots.

   You don't have to be a NEMBA member to join in. 

But everyone must have signed NEMBA's Annual Waiver if they haven't already dome so.

Maine Lakes Bog Bridge Workshop


Cape Cod SE Mass

Event Leader

Ethan Nardone