9/27/21 (All day)

SE MA NEMBA CHapter Meeting & Election

On Monday September 27, 7pm, we will hold our monthly SEMass NEMBA chapter meeting.

This will be a special meeting, as we are holding elections for all officers positions.

Most notably, President, since I have stepped down, but also Vice President, which we have never really had.

So far, we have one presidential nominee, Tommy Walker.

Tommy has a huge following outside of and including NEMBA, and has a great energy towards inclusion, membership growth, rider education, and all things mountainbike.

VP is open as well, and Tim Friedmann has thrown his hat into that ring.

Secretary is currently filled by Peter Williams, and Treasurer is Steph Beaudoin.

They both are fairly new additions to our board, and we’re happy to have them. But this is a general election.

Meeting location: The meeting will be at Abington Depot (upstairs). 101 Railroad St, Abington, MA

  If you'd like to run for an officer's position send an email to .



SEMass Meeting Minutes August 24, 2021 -- Chapter Meeting


Steve Cobble, Pres, Steph Beaudoin, Tres. Peter Williams, Sec. John Refford, Terry Lee, Dave Richardson, Tyler Reichert, Samuel Greenup, Jared Cianciolo,  Bill Boles, Jack Deez, Koene Van Dijk, Miguel Pina, David Cassady, Mike Slemmer,George Lester, Greg Marlone, Tommy Walker, Tim Friedmann, Jeffrey LaPerriere, Bill Mulvey, PJ Simpson, Doug Luoma, Blanche Lester, David Farrel, Tom Tutkus

Meeting held at the Wompatuck State Park Visitors Center and shared on Zoom.

Steve Cobble called to order at approx. 7:04 PM. Meeting attendees introduced themselves and noted their preferred riding locations.

NEMBA BOD Updates — Steve Cobble summarized the major items from the latest NEMBA BOD meeting which included that NEMBA membership has increased by 20%, two new chapters have been establish (Belfast, ME and Martha’s Vineyard, a new position has been established to improve member diversity, and NEMBA will be working with chapters to establish new websites.

Approval Prior Meeting Minutes Members voted to approve the June 2021 meeting minutes.

Financial Update - Steph Beaudoin reported that the Chapter account had a balance of approximately $13,100 and had received a check of $1,900 from NEMBA for new memberships and renewals. Steph summarized last month's expenditures and future expected costs. A summary of the chapter's recent finances is attached. The members voted to approve the financial report.

Old Business

1. NembaFest Event - Adams Farm. Peter Williams reminded attendees that the event is scheduled for September 26, 2021 and is limited to 250 persons. Registration is limited to online with no in-person same day registration. Please register as early as you can.

2. Borderland Bike Repair Stand: John Refford reported that he has been working with the Borderland DCR rangers and they have approved the installation of a bike repair stand near the Borderland Visitors Center. The members voted to approve the funding of $3,000 for the purchase and installation of the bike repair stand.

3. Blue Hills Bike Repair Stand: Steve Cobble reported that he has been working with the Blue Hills DCR rangers. The DCR supports the project but has not approved the location of the bike repair stand. To show that SEMass is committed to the project, the members voted to approve the funding of $3,000 for the purchase and installation of the bike repair stand. .

New Business

1. September Election of Chapter Officest: Peter Williams announced the SEMass chapter will be holding a Chapter officers election at the September 27, 2021 meeting. The election will be for president, vice president, treasurer and secretary positions. Currently the president and vice-president positions are vacant. Per the Chapter’s elections guidelines, the first step of the

election process is the appointment of an election leader. Bill Boles volunteered to be the election leader. Those interested in being considered for an officers position should contact Bill at

Steve Cobble nominated Tom Walker as a candidate for the president position. Tom accepted the nomination for the president position. Timothy Friedmann announced that he would like to be considered for the vice-president position. Step Beaudoin and Peter Williams indicated that they would like to be considered for re-election at their current positions of treasurer and secretary, respectively.

2. NEMBA Women’s Summit: Steph Beaudoin presented a status update on the NEMBA Women’s Summit which is planned for August 26-28, 2022. The NEMBA Women’s Summit aims to increase women’s involvement, experience, skills and knowledge as participants, advocates and leaders in mountain biking.

Park Updates

1. Massasoit State Park - Arthur “Chuck” Dunne reported (post meeting) that the campground trail reroute proposal is under review by the DCR. It is anticipated that the DCR will require that the work not start till after the Columbus Day weekend when the campground closes..

2. Wompatuck State Park: Tim Friedemann noted that the Landmine Race is scheduled for September 12th and that registration is limited to online with no in-person same day registration.

3. Cutler Park: Steve Cobble reported that he is continuing to work with the DCR rangers and additional bridge repairs will be considered in the future.

4. Ames Nowell: Tom Tutkus reported that one of the support beams for the skinny bridges is broken and is a safety hazard.

5. Borderland: John Refford reported that they are planning a trail reroute on October 9, 2021 for a severely deteriorated trail.

6. Adams Farm: George Lester/Tom McKenna (post meeting) indicated that they are planning the construction of a new bridge on the orange trail in the Fall. George agreed to become the Park Representative for Adams Farm.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:15 PM.

The next meeting will be in-person on Monday, September 27 at 7:00 PM.



SE Mass

Event Leader

Steve Cobble