Welcome to NEMBA’s New Website

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our new website is up and running for your riding pleasure!

You should now be able to easily access information about the latest happenings in your chapter, as well as all the rides, trail care and other events in your area, your region and your state. Our goal is to be able to connect you to the best that mountain biking has to offer in New England, and make it easier for you to get involved with NEMBA. So, whether you’re looking for group rides, places to rides, trail building events, or ways to connect with NEMBA's great community of riders and advocates, this website should hook you up.

We want to thank Jonas Design for the great design work and SJC Consulting for the detailed custom implementation of the site.

Riders using the site will notice that there is a lot of dynamic content.  If you're looking for rides, you can easily sort rides based on chapter, ride type or region.  Your chapter's news and events now feeds directly to your chapter's landing page, along with information about the local riding areas in your chapter. Or, if you're searching for great trails to explore, just check out a map on each state and zoom in to see plenty of recommended trails. Trail info not only includes a trail review but will also list chapter rides and events that might be taking place in that park.

We urge you to explore the website and get more involved with your local riding community and NEMBA as a whole. Oh, and if you haven't already, please join NEMBA — we rely on riders like you.

Lastly, we wish to extend our gratitude to NEMBA's president Adam Glick for the countless hours helping to manage this project and make version 1.0 of this site something we can be proud of.

-- Philip Keyes, Executive Director