Ware Watershed & Mountain Biking

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Members of Wachusett NEMBA will be meeting with Department of Conservation & Recreation land management for the Ware River watershed to discuss issues relating to mountain biking on this property. Mountain bikers have ridden on the many trails within the Watershed for years without issue nor impact to the drinking water supply. However, the DCR Watershed has decided to enforce a long standing ban on bicycles from all woods trails. Hikers, dog-walkers and equestrians have access to many of the trails but mountain bikers are completely excluded.

NEMBA believes that the DCR Division of Water Supply Protection should change the recreational use policies at the watershed to include mountain biking, as well as other forms of passive, sustainable recreation.

The Ware River Watershed abuts Rutland State Park, a small 200+ acre parkland that allows mountain biking.