SUPER 8 was...SUPER!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I gotta say, that, as usual, the entire Super8 Ride Series, with the finale of the Toys Ride, was a group effort. Local peeps came out in support of their favorite riding spots and led and assisted with rides. Riders and their spouses and kids volunteered to work the sign-up tables and even helped cook! Bike shops came out to offer tech support, lead rides, and generally spread the good word. The idea of a ride series has been bounced around the chapter table for many years, and we've even had some successful skills series and such. But at our January meeting David Farrell setup a slide/ video presentation for us complete with super graphics and charts and graphs and stuff. Blown away by his enthusiasm, we came up with a master plan over the winter and by spring, we were ready for our series 'pilot' at Wompatuck State Park. The formula seemed to work well, and lots of people were starting to ask about it, so near end of summer, we started it up full speed and had an event in a different park every few weeks. We had rides in Borderland, Foxboro, Freetown, Ames Nowell, Massasoit, and Blue Hills. We had different themes for some rides-- Foxboro was a Turkey Burner 'Brunch' ride, Freetown was a joint 'demo-bike' effort with a local shop, Ames was supported by Bike Barn, in Blue Hills the Holiday Toys Ride was a natural fit. The toys collected went directly to InterFaith Social Services in Quincy to be distributed to south shore kids in need for the holidays Local advocacy groups Bike Milton and Quincycles helped promote. Blue Hills Cycling Club came out in huge numbers. The racers in 'Ice Weasels' race on the previous day filled three huge bins full of toys and delivered them to the Toys Ride. But what was great about the Super8 as a whole was that each ride had more riders signed in than the last! The real key to the success of the Super8 came from the dedication of each park's local crew. They're the ones who know the trails best and can translate that to the most FUN! And FUN was had, BY ALL! Thanks to all of my chapter VP's and board members--Christopher Patrick, Richard Higgins, Malcolm Neilson, Brad Childs, Jack Storer, Chip Baker, Jason Berube, John John Bailey, David Farrell, Dave and Leslie Riding, support crew people like Wayne Strohm, Bricky Cement, all of our spouses who understand our commitment to having FUN and our kids who  school us on how to have more FUN, too many more to list, and to all those who helped us out throughout the year. Thanks to Mass DCR and Ranger Lt. Tom Bender, Blue Hills TrailWatch, NE MTB Patrol, Spark BikeRunSports, BikeBarn, Landry's, Anderson Bike, Bicycle Link, Dave's Bike Infirmary, ( my apologies to anyone I missed ....) And special thanks to all who came out to ride with us--it's all your smiling faces that makes it all worthwhile! ( OH Yeah! and the fact that we get to ride too! ) Stay tuned for next year--we will do this again-- STEVE COBBLE