Stop the Cuts in DCR Funding

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Department of Conservation and Recreation is still facing severe budget cuts.
DCR’s budget cuts since FY2009 have caused a loss of nearly 300 staff positions, and a reduction in workforce of 31%. These devastating budget cuts have led to closed and poorly maintained facilities, lack of forest and park staff and almost no trail maintenance.

Additional cuts projected for the FY 2018 budget will only make this worse.

We must reverse this trend!

NEMBA is joining The Green Budget Coalition and the Environmental League of Massachusetts in trying to change this by reaching out to our members and asking them to contact their State Senators.

Specifically we need you to ask your State Senator to support additional funding for the Department of Conservation and Recreation's State Parks and Recreation budget.

Thanks to your help, last month we were able to get the Massachusetts House of Representatives' budget to begin to reverse the trend of recent years. But even with this help, the DCR's budget is still 5 million dollars less than it was just 2 years ago. 

Debate on the budget is happening this week.  Call your State Senator now and ask them to support increased funding for the DCR.  Your call will make a difference!
Find your State Senator  HERE!
Phone calls, are much more effective than emails and only take a few seconds. Please call today to help preserve and protect our State Forests and Parks.