Staying Safe during Hunting Season

Monday, September 17, 2018

Fall is the time we begin sharing the woods and parks with hunters, so please ride safe.

• Find out the dates of for hunting season in your state, paying special attention to rifle season and deer hunting season (even shotgun slugs can carry a long way). Check out the state websites and info provided below. Some states don’t allow hunting or certain types of hunting on Sundays.

• Find out whether the park that you’re riding in allows hunting. Many do, other do not.

• Dress appropriately--put away the fur coats and white helmets! Blaze orange is the safest color, and in fact, it is required in some areas, such as Arcadia, RI.  Stay away from anything white or tan since you don’t want to be mistaken for a deer!

• The best hunting is in the early morning and evening, so be even more careful during these hours.

• Consider wearing bells that can warn hunters that you’re not an animal

• Be aware the hunting also takes place with permission on private property.

• Poaching still remains a problem in some parks and conservation lands. If you happen upon a person hunting illegally, don’t confront the hunter but report the activity to the local police.

There a many different seasons for different game and type of hunting, so please verify the specific seasons at the following websites.

Bow Hunting runs from Sept. 15 – Dec. 31. Shotguns start November 15th.
No Sunday Hunting

Deer Season runs from Sept. 9 to December 9th
No Sunday Hunting

Deer Season from from October 16th – December 30th
No Sunday Hunting

New Hampshire:
Bow Hunting begins Sept. 15 – December 15th
Allows Sunday Hunting

Rhode Island:
Deer season runs from October 1-January 31st
Blaze required on all DEM properties
Allows Sunday Hunting

Deer season runs from Oct. 1 to December 1th
Allows Sunday Hunting