SEMass Chapter Update

Friday, September 26, 2014

SEMass Chapter Update 09/26/14
( the following is what should have been in this months Singletracks , but I missed the deadline. Sorry for that! )

I remembered all the great events of the summer, all the good riding weather with friends and making new riding buds.  I remembered that I took really good care of my bike this year. I remembered NEMBAFest and all the good times up at Kingdom Trails ( which just happens to be my destination for this weekend….) . I remembered that many trail projects were started or already in the works in many of our parks. Most notably the Clifford Grant parcel Trails Project in Easton, inspired by and implemented by Chris Patrick of Easton. Beginning last fall, Chris and his many volunteers (many from town as well as NEMBA) have logged literally hundreds of hours building new trails and bridges. This community-based trail system was badly needed to help connect key points in town for many types of users—kids biking to and from school, cross-country high school runners,  walkers, local mountain bikers of course, generally everyone who wants to get into  the woods for some peace, quiet, fresh air, and exercise.

Fresh in my memory is that we finally gained permission to build a bridge at Massasoit over that pesky wet area. It’s been literally years of emails, phone calls, and meetings to finally make this idea a reality. John Bailey has presided over this and is helping make it happen.

I’d all but forgot about the Wompatuck Annex, a 60 acre parcel in the north corner of the park, and our dreams to someday build new trails in there once the state cleared out all of the hazardous buildings and materials  left over from building rockets and ammunition for wartime use. Well guess what? They finally cleaned it up, and Park Supervisor Steve Gammon helped flag a new trail last week!!  21 volunteers came out for the first work day on September 20th and made the first 1 mile completely rideable. Those dreams will soon be a reality and we will gain at least 2 more miles of trails in the park!! ( There’s still a lot more work, and our next Trail Work Day at Wompatuck is Oct 18 )

So it was a great spring and summer, and fall is shaping up quite nicely.

SEMass has hosted 3 very successful Super8 events , and the fun will continue all the way up into December with these dates:

October 19, Massasoit
November 2, Adams Farm -- THIS RIDE IS CANCELLED
November 28, Turkey Burner Brunch, Foxboro
December 14, ‘Toys Ride’, Blue Hills.

Check out details on and the SEMass facebook page for updates

Happy Trails!
Steve Cobble