SE Mass Chapter Ride at the Wicked Ride of the East

Sunday, October 26, 2014

One bright sunny crisp cool awesome last-Sunday-of-October a good bunch of Chapter members convoyed up to Harold Parker State Forest in Andover. We have it pretty good down here on the Southeast side whay with literally hundreds of places to ride. I think most of us have a trail or favorite park within riding distance from where we live, or at least a short car ride. So this ride up to the 'Nowth Showah' had to be special. It sure was, and we knew all year that it would be the highlight of the (fall) season, with the foliage and the 'perfect riding temperature' of just below sixty.......We also knew it was gonna be special--some of us had experienced this ride every year for the last how many years? Gotta be at least twenty. We knew what we were geiing ourselves into, and we worked hard at getting other, less experienced at this event, friends up for the day too. We knew it was gonna be hahd. We knew there were some rocks involved. We knew there would be pain. We knew we weren't gonna crack 8 mph average speed. We knew that the trails were semi-dry, which was an important detail. We knew there would be alot of riders on the trail, from all over New England. We knew that we would know some of them, and we knew we would meet some new friends and yuck it up with some old friends. We knew that this was an important event for NEMBA as a whole to welcome new members at the registration table. We knew we were gonna have fun. We knew there was gonna be Lee Hollenbeck's Chili and Jamie Schier's Barbecue Extravaganza.   We knew where we were going. We knew we were headed up to the Wicked Ride of the East!! And we were not disappointed!!