Sandy Neck Beach Fat Tire Policy

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sandy Neck, Barnstable Beach Fat Tire Policy

A web page for access information for folks that want to ride on Sandy Neck Beach has been created. 

As Fat Tire Bikes continue to grow in popularity, the challenge is going to be to keep riders educated during the summer (shorebird nesting) seasons.  It is during this time (April through September) that areas of the beach will be closed to many types of recreational activates (including biking) as required by state and federal endangered species protection laws.  Within these closed sections there can potentially be hundreds of tern and plover nests/chicks that are camouflaged almost completely with sand.  I would suggest that mountain bikers check this web site and this Public Service pdf prior to each visit as the closed areas will change over the season. 

Also, it goes without saying (but we will say it nevertheless) fat tire bikes must stay on open marked trails.

After and before nesting season, usually from sometime in September to sometime in May, (though that can vary significantly), most established trails are open to bikes. But, as always there's never any riding on the dunes.

Check the  Fat Tire Bike information page for updates.

Map of the beach