Monday, April 3, 2017

This woman helping women, volunteer based program, made possible by a collaboration between Highland Mountain Bike Park and NEMBA, brings together some of the best local certified female coaches and riders to inspire and instruct on their favorite trails.  Each clinic takes approximately three hours, give or take, and consists of skills and drills followed by a short ride to apply newly acquired techniques to actual trail. No need to worry about pace or distance, these clinics focus on mastering fundamental bike handling skills and follow a no drop policy.

As Ride Like a Girl heads into its final season of providing FREE* Beginner Basics skills clinics to novice women mountain bikers or those seeking to pinpoint progression preventing flaws, we plan to revisit destinations we feel best suited to help riders develop a strong foundation of basic bike handling skills, skills necessary to build the control, confidence, and competence needed for progression.

That said I would like to thank everyone over the past 10 years that made this series possible. NEMBA and Highland Mountain Bike Park of course but especially the women, TINA! Dwan, Kate Parhiala, Christine Nason, Anne Shepard, Izzy Montesi, Caroline Cardiasmenos, and blasts from the pasts Alexis Wruble and Kate Dardinski. I would also like to thank all those in the industry who helped to make the Elizabeth Stone House Wilderness Heals Hike fundraising possible GB NEMBA, Back Bay Bikes, JRA, Wheelworks, Markarian Sign, Ken at Vittoria, Dave of NorEast Apparel, Frank of Sinister Bikes, Gena Bronson, and of course the lovely and talented Leslie Jonas for use of the RLG logo. Please forgive me if I forgot to mention anyone who helped over the years.

2017 Schedule

Sat May 6th: Middlesex Fells NEMBA Adventure Ride Series – Stoneham, MA  9:30am
Sun June 11th: Mines Falls – NH  1:30pm 
Sat July 15th: Landlocked Forest – MA  10:30am 
Sun Aug 6th: Massabesic FOMBA – NH  1:30pm--THIS CLINIC IS FULL, SORRY!
Sun Sept 24th Great Brook Farm SP, Free with admission to the Knobby Tire Ride and Roll, 1:30-4:30pm
Sun Oct 29th: Wicked Ride of the East NEMBA Adventure Ride Series – MA 9:30am
*In an attempt to practice responsible trail usage, all clinics are subject to cancellation due to rain and/or wet trails conditions.
Registration opens one month prior to the clinic date. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!!
To reserve your spot, email Karen Eagan . Please include in the subject line the clinic and date you wish to attend. In the body of the email please provide your full name, city/town & state, NEMBA membership #, and a number to reach you in the event of last minute cancellation due to weather or trail conditions.


What can I expect to learn in a Beginner Basics clinic?
Beginner Basics provides an overview of bicycle components, their functions, and how the rider affects their performance. It teaches riders proper body position and stance to optimize control while coasting, charging, climbing, descending, and cornering as well as an introduction to proper braking technique.
I have been riding for (x) years and do not consider myself a beginner; however I feel like I am not getting any better. Should I bother to attend?
Regardless of the number of years you have been riding, any rider who has not had any formal training and/or feels as they are stuck can benefit from attending a Beginner Basics session. Often times the block is caused by a flaw in fundamental bike handling skills and once corrected allows for progression to resume.

Should I attend more than one session?
We will be focusing on beginner skills at each session rather that a series of progressively more advanced techniques. Some riders master the fundamentals in a single session while others benefit from attending multiple times throughout the season.

*How much does it cost?
Ride Like A Girl clinics are FREE with NEMBA membership or the admission fee for NEMBA events.

What do I need to bring?
A properly sized, recently serviced or well-maintained MOUNTAIN BIKE, properly fitted helmet, hydration, and an energy source are mandatory while gloves, sunblock, and insect repellant are highly recommended. But most importantly, a CAN DO attitude!
Can I bring my son/daughter?
After years of trial and error, we feel it best that children under the age of 18 attend a camp or clinic specifically designed for children or teens.

Can my boyfriend/husband tag along?
In an effort to provide an all-female environment we recommend that significant others plan to explore the trails on their own while the clinic takes place.

Do you accept tips?
In the spirit of paying it forward, we encourage those inclined to do so to make a donation to Ride Like A Girl’s annual pledge to help support The Elizabeth Stone House’s Wilderness Heals Hike.