PR NEMBA needs Riders Like You

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Would you like to be more involved with PR NEMBA?
  • At our last board meeting we developed committees to create an opportunity for members to be more involved. We know everyone has busy schedules so we created an opportunity for members to be involved in a limited way. These committees will meet 1-2 times a year and most communication will be done through email or messenger. Members of the various committees will be tasked with investigating, considering, reporting, or acting on different matters of business that PR NEMBA will be engaging in for 2017.
    • Current Committees are:
      Membership Committee
      Branding and Merchandise Committee
      Trail Development Committee
    • We are also looking for a member or two to head up the following committees:
      Program and Events Committee
      Fundraising Committee
  • If you are interested in more information about how you can step up and serve the mountain biking community in our area, please email

And a few other things to consider.....

  • At least half (if not more) of the trails in the "bog" actually lie on BLT properties. As a land trust they must balance conservation and the recreational needs of their many users. Mountain bikers are their largest user group on these trails, we have put in hours of trail work on our own and with BLT over the past few years. And yet very few of us are paid members. Please consider joining or making a donation.  It would be nice to show BLT that conservation AND trails are not mutually's the link: BLT Donate Page
  • And if you are a rider of the Orono Land Trust properties, consider joining or donating to this land trust: OLT Donate Page
  • And don't forget about us!  Since we have organized we have been forging relationships with landowners. And they are taking notice. So please support our efforts to improve mountain biking opportunities in our community by joining or renewing here