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Saturday, January 4, 2014

LLF Trailhead Etiquette

While we don't want to come across as "Trail Cops", we do want users of Burlington Landlocked Forest to know that some of the neighbors abutting the Turning Mill Road parking lot in Lexington are becoming concerned with the high use of the parking lot and some of the behavior going on before and after visits. We urge everyone to keep a low profile in the parking lot and be respectful of the neighborhood.

  • - Don’t get undressed in public.  Try to arrive ready to go or if you must change, do so completely in your car.
  • - Don’t drink alcohol in public - hit a pub after your ride.
  • - Park only in designated parking spots, not on the lawn across from the lot. If the lot is full, do not overflow down the street into the neighborhood.
  • - Try not to make excess noise in the parking lot. Sounds that seem quiet to you might be very noticeable to neighbors trying to enjoy a relaxed evening at home.

Showing some sensitivity and common sense will make it a lot easier for the neighbors to live with the benefits and liabilities of residing near public open space. Thanks for helping out!