NEMBA Trail Grants Awarded

Monday, July 1, 2013

We are proud to announce the winners of the spring round of NEMBA Trails Grants. These grants, funded from the proceeds of the annual NEMBA Access Raffle, are available to NEMBA chapters, non-profit organizations and municipalities. NEMBA Trail Grants are awarded in the spring and fall.

Greater Portland NEMBA won a $500 grant to partially fund their chapter's purchase of a tool trailer. This trailer will be used to store the chapter's tools and will provide an easy way to transport the tools to work sites. The trailer will be "branded" with NEMBA logos and will hopefully provide greater recognition for the chapter as well as drive membership.

Merrimack Valley NEMBA teaming up with the Innovation Academy of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts won a $500 dollar grant to develop a 7 mile trail network on the school's property. Several miles of new technical singletrack will be constructed with the intent of starting a school mountain bike program. These trails will be open to the general public. The monies will, in part, fund the construction of Carsonite signs and other trail markings similar to those found in nearby State forests.

Penobscot Region NEMBA won a $500 grant to purchase a set of high quality trail tools. These tools will be used to build and further develop a trail system on University of Maine property. They will also be used to build new trails and make older ones more sustainable on Orono Land Trust property. This work ties into a regional trail plan that would form "a major non-motorized multi-use trail corridor.”

Wachusett NEMBA won a $500 grant to build a bridge and a kiosk at the Leominster State Forest. Partnering with the Leominster Trail Stewards the chapter will improve a popular parking and access area near the forest. It will involve re-routing of some singletrack trails and include building a bridge to span a low lying wet area.

Belmont, Massachusetts Conservation Commission won a $500 grant to build a walking/biking bridge that would span a small intermittent stream on the town's Lone Tree Hill property. The current bridge is old, rotting and not safe. It is also too low so that when the stream is running debris is caught under it blocking the flow of the stream.