NEMBA Racing

Monday, October 20, 2014

NEMBA Racing had a great 2014 season.  We’re looking forward to the last few late season races and all that great bug free New England Fall riding.

We wrapped up the season with some great results.  Joseph Re put the finishing touches on clinching the EFTA NECS Single Speed title at the VT Ski & Snowboard Museum Epic.  No one could quite match Joe’s consistency on that rigid Redline with the Zebra saddle.  Nice work!

Mike Shields put in a fantastic effort at the NH100 this year good for 16th in the 100mi Men’s Open.  Pretty impressive considering much of the top 10 is littered with solid national (and international) level talent.  I have raced the 100K there many times and I’m still not sure I could talk myself into going out for another 40mi.  Excellent work Mike!

We have also officially dipped our toes into the Enduro scene this season as well.  We have a few racers working their way through the Eastern Enduro Series Triple Crown and I am hoping to expand the Enduro team for next season.  Custom NEMBA Racing Enduro threads and everything.  If Enduro is your thing why not race for NEMBA in 2015? Recruitment / Sign-up will start up again end of this year, keep your eyes peeled!

Won’t be long now until the fat bikes are out again (if they were ever put away…).  Maybe this year we’ll see some more fat bike races popping up?  If there are I’m sure you’ll see some NEMBA black and green kits.  At least briefly before the additional layers go over top.  Have a great Fall/Winter season everyone and we’ll see you in 2015!

—Kevin Orlowski