LLF Parking Update - OK to Park at Estabrook School on Weekends

Thursday, April 30, 2015

LLF Parking update: The Town of Lexington has approved parking at the Estabrook School on weekends for Landlocked Forest access. This is great news as it will reduce the volume at the powerlines lot during its highest-use times. Please consider parking there first if you are planning on riding LLF. It is a very short ride from there to the powerlines entrance of LLF. Thanks for helping us reduce congestion at the powerlines lot!

It also goes without saying that we need to respect the school property, please no changing kit in public there especially, please help keep it clean and tidy and probably also a good idea to use the parking farthest from the school entrance.

Link to driving directions to the school: http://goo.gl/Sg7tEr