Increase DCR Funding

Friday, May 17, 2019

DCR Budget Action Alert

The Department of Conservation and Recreation manages over 450,000 acres of land comprising 250 properties around the Commonwealth. These properties include more than 2000 miles of trails that we all enjoy.

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts DCR’s workforce has been cut by 31%, nearly 400 positions since 2018. DCR’s current 882 employees are no longer able to adequately manage our State lands, no matter how hard they try.

Due to our advocacy DCR’s budget  ast year went up by $2 million dollars allowing DCR, among other things, to restore 43 fulltime positions.

Great News: The House has passed a budget that would restore $5.5 million in DCR funding over last year - $45.7 million for the Parks & Recreation account. Your calls were heard!

However, the Senate Ways and Means Committee’s FY20 budget proposes to fund DCR at $3 million less than what the House passed. They propose $42.4 million.

But, Senator Anne Gobi is submitting an amendment to increase the State Parks & Recreation line item to $47 million. We deeply appreciate her leadership.

NOW it’s time to ask your Senator to sign on as a co-sponsor and ask for their support next week.

Action Item:

Call your State Senator today and ask them to co-sponsor Senator Gobi’s Amendment #936d to fund DCR Account 2810-0100 (State Parks and Recreation) at $47 million. Find your Senator’s phone number HERE.

It's very easy to call, it only takes a minute or two and you'll probably be speaking to your Senator's legislative assistant.

This should be a very easy call to your State Senator’s office to simply make the request. In case it’s helpful, attached are some Green Budget speaking points that should be very familiar from the push we made last year and last month. Also attached is  a sheet describing what every $2M increase would do for DCR and our state parks.

This year the House Ways and Means Committee’s FY 20 budget would fund the DCR at $44.7 Million. This is an increase of $4.5 million over the FY19 budget. But Representative Smitty Pignatelli of Leonx has submitted an amendment to increase it to $47 million.

Act today to increase DCR’s budget and help restore our forests and parks.