Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What is a "PYT" ride??? PYT stands for Practice Your Technique. It is a ride where we go out and practice our technique or skills. It will usually start with a short talk about what we know and what we want to learn and then go for bit of a warmup ride and then we'll find a couple places to try skills such as skinnies or log rolls/hops and practice them until we are more comfortable. This ride is great for beginner mountain bikers or even experienced riders. Come out and learn something new or get better at something you are rusty on - and maybe meet some fellow riders to ride with in the future.

Who can go?
These rides are open to anyone who is interested in a fun evening ride, as well as current and prospective NEMBA members. All riders must be fit enough to handle strenuous activity for about 1.5-2 hours. Riders should bring a serviceable mountain bike, be over 18, have water and must wear a helmet. Remember that mountain biking may be an exhilarating sport, but it is also dangerous. Know your limits and don't take unnecessary chances. NEMBA assumes no liability...

So what's the ride like?
What you will first notice is our volunteer Ride Guidesrideguides, who break off with small groups of riders with similar skills and pace and lead a fun and appropriate ride through the woods. We always need more Ride Guides, so if you know your way around and would like to volunteer, let us know.

We also use sweepers who are generally used to riding with certain leaders and know their routes. We always need sweepers, too, so if you would like to volunteer, let us know. It is the teamwork between these two folks that keeps a group together and having fun.

Some ride leaders also use a clever method to keep a group together and moving at the same time. It is a technique borrowed from the good folks at VORBA and entails having the first rider behind the leader stop at a trail intersection to wave the rest of the riders through until he or she sees the sweeper and is only then able to resume riding.

Best practices include:
  • Stay on legal trails
  • Ride through the center of a mud patch or puddle, NOT around it.
  • Ride over an obstacle, NOT around it.
  • If you can't ride over an obstacle, get off and walk it - stay on the trail.
  • Do not make new routes or trails.
  • Do not build stunts.
  • Do not skid, spin out, or fishtail - uphill nor downhill.
  • Slow down when you see other riders, hikers, or animals.
  • Always offer to yield the right of way.
  • Be friendly
  • Slow down to about the same speed of walkers when you pass them.

Rain Policy
If it is cloudy, threatening, misty, sprinkling - we ride. If there has been heavy rain within 24 hours of the ride - we cancel...but check the website to be sure! We’ll try to post on the GBNEMBA Facebook Rides page and NEMBA Forum as well.

More info on the PYT Rides Here