GB NEMBA - May Chapter Meeting Minutes

Friday, June 4, 2021

03May2021 GBNEMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes

@ Zoom 6:30pm


In attendance: Mary McCarthy, Bill Cohn, Tom Grimble, Adam Glick, Corey Bollier, Mark

Bialis, Lee Hollenbeck, Bill Boles, Maciej S, Becky Tabacnyski, Mike Tabacnyski, Paige

Parker, Eli, Peter Coyle, Anita Brewersiljeholm, Dan McCormack, Greg Watt, Garry Waldene,

Matt Murray, Chris Thurott, Brian Forestal, Rick Forseze, David Eastridge, Brandon Vigneault, Craig Molway, Mike O’Connor, Zach, Anne Raymond, Larry Von, Bob Jenney, Valerie Clark, David Piken, William Bartin, James Clarke, Mark, Ryan DeRouche, Lauren Kling, David K.


  1. Open Meeting – Does anyone have objections to recording? No objections.


  1. Accept the Minutes from last month by Board attendees in attendance – unanimous.


  1. Trail Updates
    1. Western Greenway –Tom Grimble
      1. Meeting with Belmont Conservation. Tom hosted a walk-through for a proposed new entrance to Beaver Brook along Concord Ave. The town was receptive but local neighbors drew concern over gathered cars. Still under consideration.
    2. GB hosted a trail re-route on the Lone Tree Hill side of Beaver Brook and shut down abrupt jump that bails into the base of the coal road at Pleasant Street. Subsequent questions can be directed to Tom Grimble who serves on the Belmont Conservation Commission.


    1. Local teenagers built a very well-liked pump track on Pleasant Street that was demolished by the Town following complaints from a local neighbor, despite many parties thinking it was a great enhancement for local youth to get outside and enjoy a fun, healthy outlet - mountain biking and trail building.  More information available at: Belmont Dirt Jump Community on Facebook.


    1. Beaver Brook North- Adam G mentioned that the DCR would like to connect and catch up on our priority projects for the coming year. Meeting in the works.


  1. Landlocked Forest – Bill Cohn 
    1. “Tick meadow” mowed and it was a huge success. Collaborative effort with our partners – The Friends of Landlocked Forest. 20 participants – great work all around.


  1. The Fells – 
    1. Jon G has been fixing erroneous blazes at the Fells.  These small, yet vital updates were/are being done with DCR approval.



a. Rogue trails 

      1. More found in Cutler- what can we do?? These seem to be neighborhood kids. NEMBA to investigate it and maybe educate the people who are putting these in.
  1. Group Rides
    1. They will begin this month:
      1. One lead, one sweep, max 8 other riders (10 total)
      2. No food after
      3. COVID waiver to be signed, normal annual waiver to also be signed.
      4. Each group will have staggered launch.
      5. NEMBA cannot currently ask for medical info, i.e., vaccination proof.
      6. This will be a learning experience that will evolve as we go. vii. Likely will be able to increase numbers over time.

viii. Registration will be required to maintain group limits.

    1. We still have the issue of people assessing their own skills- beginner, intermediate, advanced… this needs additional thought.
  1. New business
    1. Lee asked if there could be a trail work schedule/advanced notice.
    2. LLF connector by the new development is still in progress.
    3. With the riding season really kicking off- can we move the meeting to a later time? YES!


  1. Next meeting 06/07/2021 at 7:30PM


  1. 7:48pm - MEETING ADJOURNS