GB NEMBA - February Chapter Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

01Feb2021 GBNEMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes  

@ Zoom 6:30pm  


In attendance: 30 People. Mary McCarthy, Barry Moore, Bill Cohn, Tom Grimble, Adam Glick, Corey Bollier, Mark Bialis, Rob Auffrey, Lee Hollenbeck, NembaBill, Curtis Jackson, Rick Forseze, Anna Chase, Paige Parker, Anne, Ilana K, Eli L, Stephanie Beaudoin, Kristin Brandt, David Watson, John D, Reenie/Tom G, John Malone, Matt Murray, Geoff Philbrick, David Piken, Hal Bryer, Emmanuel, Guest Speaker: Gerdette Armour  


  1. Open Meeting 
  2. Accept the Minutes – Thank you Corey B. 
  3. Trail Updates 
      1. Western Greenway – Teaser: currently brainstorming an action plan for the upcoming season, which may include trail building, not just trail building. There was a question about whether there are any plans on making more trails around the anxiety bear? That is still tbd, but not ruled out. 


      1. Landlocked Forest - Trail Naming Project still in progress. There is a meeting on 08Mar2021. The trail by the Grove Street development is going to happen, we just need to get the standard permission for work at LLF. Also, this trail will include a newly constructed bridge. There are already several springtime projects on the books. 


      1. The Fells - Boardwalk proposal still under review with DCR. Ask for members to snap some pics of the area where the proposed boardwalk will go (“Money Hill Mud Pit”).   


  1. New NEMBA Position on eMTB’s (class 1) 

a. What does this mean? Are we (NEMBA) going to have to be the ones dealing with access issues for eMTBers? No, NEMBA is willing to give advice to the E-bike community and is encouraging them to form their own advocacy group. 

          1. This eMTB group needs champions who are passionate about their part of the sport and will need to build relationships with land managers. 
          2. Highly encourage eMTB enthusiasts to form their own community, and strongly encourage them to teach etiquette to the riders such that every rider understands they are an ambassador. 

b. Challenges will arise: 

        1. eMTB technology is changing rapidly, they are already almost indistinguishable from a regular MTB.  
        2. Right now, eMTB’s are heavier, but in a few years, they will be significantly lighter. 
        3. Riding styles have been observed by people- it has been noted that some riders of eMTB’s brake later in a corner which leads to erosion or tearing up the corners.

The DCR has already cut one network off on Martha’s Vineyard to eMTB’s. 

        1. What is the impact of eMTB’s vs regular human powered bikes? For the most part, currently unknown – more unbiased research needed. 
        2. What makes us (NEMBA) think people from the eMTB community will organize? Why wouldn’t they just tag along and let NEMBA deal with it? vi. No one has yet stepped up from the eMTB community to be a voice, but the new NEMBA stance was an attempt to get them to coalesce. 

c. Most importantly, NEMBA has been reminding the community at large that it does not set policy, landowners/managers do.  

  1. NEMBA membership add-ons 
    1. New opportunity for members to join or support multiple chapters.  
        1. Hoping that this will go live in the next month or so. 
        2. An additional $20 donation per chapter will be helpful for both parties. 
        3. The chapter(s) get additional funds, but as important, more membership numbers which is extremely helpful when applying for grants. The member gets satisfaction knowing they are awesome.
        4. Some chapters have few local members but are a popular location for out-oftown riders. This expanded membership will enable chapters to engage members from near and far locations  
    2. NEMBA should let the members know how money is spent which could help increase donations. 

i. Something is being written to this effect and will either be released in Singletracks or under its own cover. 

  1. Trailforks discount for members 
    1. 40% off for members! 
    2. Tom suggested using Trailforks to create some GPS routes for members to use (especially during the pandemic) to map out virtual rides. 
  2. Yoga with Gerdette 
    1. Gerdette led a mountain bike rider focused Yoga session, focusing on muscles riders use. 

i. She led an assortment of poses focusing on areas that included: Wrists, Inside/outside of hips, Lower and upper back, Calves and shins, Inner and outer quads, Ankles.  ii. Some of these poses were: Downward Dog, Runner’s (Low) Lunge, Pigeon, Seated Forward Bend, Reclining Butterfly, a reclining chest/back opener, modified lotus stretches and more. 

iii. Folks are welcome to seek out Gerdette at or 

  1. New business 
    1. Upcoming guest speaker from Sedona to talk about riding there – scheduled for

Wednesday, March 10 at 7PM

    1. Trailcare App release 
        1. An app made for all trail users and land managers. New android version in the works, will soon be compatible with apple watch. 
        2. *Not a navigation app, strictly trail reporting.  iii. People have requested the meetings be recorded, any objections? 

1. Let us give it a try with the caveat that we bring it up at the beginning of every meeting and if one person objects, we do not record. 

  1. Next meeting Monday, March 1 at 6:30PM