GB NEMBA - April Chapter Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 26, 2021

4/8/2021 GBNEMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes

@ Zoom 6:30pm

Minutes will be approved and accepted at the next Chapter Meeting by a quorum vote.

 In attendance: Mary McCarthy, Bill Cohn, Tom Grimble, Adam Glick, Corey Bollier, Mark Bialis, Lee Hollenbeck, Bill Boles, Maciej S, Becky Tabacnyski, Mike Tabacnyski, Paige Parker, Eli, Peter Coyle, Anita Brewersiljeholm, Dan McCormack, Greg Watt, Garry Waldene, Matt Murray, Chris Thurott, Brian Forestal, Rick Forseze, David Eastridge, Brandon Vigneault, Craig Molway, Mike O’Connor, Zach, Anne Raymond, Larry Von, Bob Jenney, Valerie Clark, David Piken, William Bartin, James Clarke, Mark, Ryan DeRouche, Lauren Kling, David K.

  1. Open Meeting – Does anyone have objections to recording? No objections.
  2. Accept the Minutes from last month by Board attendees in attendance – unanimous.


  1. Trail Updates Western Greenway –Tom Grimble
    1. Meeting with Belmont Conservation
    2.  There is a site visit planned at Rock Meadow by the commission.
    3. New entry point being proposed.
    4. The area of the trail where it crosses Concord Ave is chaotic and needs work.

Beaver Brook North

Adam G mentioned that the DCR would like to connect and catch up on our priority projects for the coming year.

Landlocked Forest

Bill Cohn -Mowing the Meadow – 04/24/21 in conjunction with the Friends of LLF.

Signage Project, still in the works

Parking at the Power Lines- how can we reach more people to help mitigate the parking? It is ok to park at the school but be respectful of school hours.

Parking at the Star Market on Great Road is ok too, there is a nice connector to get into LLF.

The Fells

We have been in touch with the DCR about preferred communication channels.

Next meeting with Chris Redfern is scheduled for April 16, 2021.

Aiming for updated group riding plan by next Chapter meeting.

4. Trail Building: More than an idea and a shovel – Adam G.

a. Rogue Trails – Cutler & Sherborn

 b. Adam presented on the process for getting approval for trail building, then a high overview of building sustainable trails. 10 key steps were highlighted.

c. Anita B (Friends of the Fells representative) asked how we can close Rogue trails.

d.  Adam responded that this is an issue caused by ALL users, not just mountain bikers. e.  Many of the rogue trails in the Fells appear to be made by people walking in from nearby neighborhoods, not always from points on the trail.

f. Somewhere around 80% of closed trails end up being reopened.

g. It takes an effort to close a trail, it is not just piling sticks at the entrance- the trail needs to be erased. It is not a quick project and the process of closing a trail requires approval.

h. This is a huge opportunity for the various user groups at the Fells to work together.

5. Group Rides – Where is the community at?

 a. Attendee Poll

Pretty close to the emailed poll

b. Volunteer/Ride Guide Poll Results

Still mixed. Many leaning towards riding with some rules in place.

So, what are the next steps? Still analyzing the data and NEMBA is consulting with experts. ii. Currently GBNEMBA is not ready for group rides, but perhaps soon and will follow local/government suggested precautions.

6. Did you know?

 a. New Membership interface at

b. NEMBA members can get SPOT insurance for on the bike insurance against injury? $53/year for $25,000 medical fees.

c. NEMBA members are entitled to a 40% discount from Trailforks Premium. Check it out online.

d. If you want to get in touch with NEMBA about eMTB you can email:

7. Next meeting 05/03/2021 at 6:30PM