Franconia Area Trail Grooming

Thursday, February 18, 2021


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Traditionally most winter riding was done on packed snowmobile trails. But more recently NEMBA chapters and others have been grooming trails specifically for fat biking.

Many of us have spent uncounted hours trudging through the woods on snowshoes, packing down the tracks. And then, after exhaustion subsides, we return to ride them.

Several NEMBA chapters have invested in snowdogs while others drag some kind of a weighted sled behind a snowmobile.

But Franconia Area NEMBA and Bob Lesmerises have come up with some innovative ways to groom their trails for fat biking.

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The most interesting of these is dragging a sled using an e-Fat Bike. The bike is a KHS Enduro 1000 which has 14 power settings that can apply just the right amoint of power to get through the trails. The sled which weighs 25 pounds can also be loaded with more when appropriate.

But that’s not all.  FA NEMBA members also use snowshoes and Drift Boards. Drift boards are sort of a cross between skies and a snowboard.

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Bob has been grooming trails near the Franconia Inn for 2 years now. Normally he maintains about 10 miles of trails. But when conditions allow that sometimes expands to 15. There is no charge for riding on these trails.

Especially if you stop every once in a while to make snow angels.

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So far this winter the Franconia area has had a lot of snow, a lot of frequent snow.

Bob estimates that he’s done over 350 miles of grooming so far this season.

He’s usually out very early in the morning so that the trails will have a chance to “set” before they get used.

Once-and-only-once this year so far magic happened. A thaw followed by a freeze turned the snow’s surface into something resembling Styrofoam. No grooming was needed. No trails were needed. You just rode anywhere you wanted. You could even run on top of the snow.

Nearby PRKR Mountain in Littleton. Also grooms Trails. But they favor a snowdog as theirs is much more hilly terrain.

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While other FA NEMBA members use a Rokon.  Which is a two wheel drive motorcycle.

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If you’re north of the notch this winter, Franconia Area NEMBA invites you to stop for a while and enjoy the trails.

Oh! But be sure to come back when the snow season is over. There’s a lot of riding in the Franconia NEMBA area.