Fells MTB Guidelines

Attention Fells Mountain Bikers

DCR has asked us to remind the riding community about some important rules around mountain biking in the Fells. GBNEMBA encourages every rider in the Fells to respect and follow them.

Please ride only on trails open for multi-use (this includes mountain biking). These are the main singletrack trails open for mountain biking:

1. The Mountain Bike Loop (the green trail)

2. The Reservoir Trail (the orange trail)

Additionally, there are many trails that are listed as “Forest Ways” on the official DCR map for the Fells that are designated multi-use (see exceptions below).

Please do not ride on the following trails (or in these designated areas) as they are walking/hiking only:

  1. The Skyline Trail (the white trail)
  1. Virginia Woods area
  2. Long Pond area

In addition, GBNEMBA encourages all Fells trail users to follow these best practices when recreating in the Fells:

  1. Stay on trail – don’t wander off trail
  1. Don’t modify or build trails without DCR permission
  2. Don’t walk or ride around wet spots – go through them. Going around makes the trail wider
  3. Don’t line trails with sticks. Sticks will keep water on the trails and make the trails look less natural
  4. Be aware of when trails are soft and consider staying off the trails. Walking or riding on soft trails causes lasting damage.
  5. Have positive trail interactions – greet other trail users!
  6. Get involved with trail stewardship at the Fells. Work with GBNEMBA on trail maintenance days or contact DCR for other trail stewardship opportunities.

Thank you for helping to keep mountain biking a positive recreation activity in the Fells!