End-Of-Year Chapter Update and Featured Recipe

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SEMass Chapter Update 11/15/14

WOW! Whatta year! We’ve had a dizzying amount of fun events, rides, meetings, events, meetings, and rides. Oh did I say everything twice? That’s right !! We’ve probably had TWICE as many of everything this year here in SEMass NEMBA-Land. Or as we affectionately refer to it—‘The Southeast Kingdom’……
Twice as many of everything equaled twice as much FUN!
Some of the FUN that we had included:
-- The now famous Super8 rides series, where we showcased 8 different parks
-- We represented at the Northeast Regional Mountain Bike Summit in Hyannis
-- Chris Patrick hosted many trail- and bridge-building days at Clifford Grant in Easton,     and was able to see this three-year project completed before the snow really started flying.
-- A NEW trail system was built in Wompatuck in the now-open ‘Annex’ where all the crumbly old rockets and ammuition buildings were finally removed. As of now, this adds about 3 more miles of trail to the park, with plans for even more starting in spring.
--We hosted the NEMBA BOD Ride/Meeting at Adams Farm, which despite some cold rain and snow, brought NEMBA leaders from all over New England for a great pow wow
--Our NEMBAFest SEMass Barbecue, which we promise to expand on for the upcoming year……
In the words of dedicated mountain biking ambassador Jay Tarantino, 2014 brought us “New bikes, New trails and best of all new friends”

Now that we are riding headlong into WINTER, dreaming of  sugarplums and new studded tires, what better way to stay warm but with a dark, roasted, crunchy bacony snack that you can share with your riding buds (or not…)


One of Steve's Secret Trail-Shaking Snacks

You probably have never heard me talk of this, or even share with you. I've been sneaking bites at trail intersections while everyone's busy catching their breath....but now it's time to SHARE!! It's an easy-to-make great winter snack that you can keep in your pack.
Be careful, it can be addictive!!

6 slices Nice Smoked Bacon , cooked, but not crisp-- reserve all the rendered fat!!!
2 cups raw Pumpkin Seeds
1 cup sliced almonds
1 cup raisins or dried cranberries
Nanami Togarashi Spice/pepper blend( available at your local Asian market )

Chop up the bacon into 1/4" pieces and put in a non-stick  or cast-iron pan with the bacon fat.
Warm up the bacon on medium heat until it starts to crisp, then add the pumpkin seeds and almonds. Continue to cook until 'golden' brown, adding as much of the spice as you like.  Turn off the heat and spoon out onto paper towels. When cool enough to handle (but not cold) add the dried fruit, then put back onto fresh paper towels until room temp and all the excess fat has drained off. This will keep the 'greasy finger' problem to a minimum while on the trail.
Ziplock baggie-up and take on your next adventure!! It lasts a good long time at room temp but I don't know how long. Best to refrigerate if more than a few days, but also tastiest when consumed at room temp. You can freeze it if you want to make big batches.

Variation: add small chunks of 70% bittersweet chocolate when the mixture is cold.


Steve Cobble