DCR Funding

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

For many years the DCR has endured staggering budget and staffing cuts. But next year could be different.

In an effort to insure that the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has adequate funding NEMBA has joined Massachusetts Conservation Voters in seeking to adequatly fund the agency.

                     Our collective early succes has been torpedoed by Gov. Baker.  Let's act now to reverse this.  See below!

  Here's a note from MCV.

                              New Setback - Act Now


Dear Massachusetts Conservation Voters and Supporters,

Gov. Charlie Baker has vetoed $2.3 million from the Legislature’s proposed FY 2021 budget for the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR) Parks and Recreation Operations Account (2810-0100).

Last spring and summer, DCR saw triple digit attendance increases at many parks, forests and beaches. Given our ongoing public health crisis, the additional funding is critical because there is no reason to doubt this trend will continue as winter rolls into spring and summer.  

In addition to cutting the legislative Conference Committee’s proposed $51.5 million to $49.2 million, Gov. Baker also included language that mandates DCR provide the same level of service it struggled to provide last year. We at MCV feel the goal is impossible to achieve.

Click here to contact your legislators.
Ask them to override Gov. Baker’s veto of line item 2810-0100

         A quick Phone Call or Email will only take you a minute or two. 

DCR performed more than admirably this past spring and summer. Despite an inability to collect entry fees, a major source of revenue, DCR supplied all of us with scarce but essential recreational opportunities during the worst pandemic in 100 years.  

We greatly appreciate your efforts to get us this far. We don't like calling on you again so soon, especially during the holiday season. But call upon you we must. The Legislature will finalize the budget in a matter of days. Help us build support to override the governor’s veto and restore the Conference Committee’s $51.5 figure for line item 2810-0100

DCR proved beyond all doubt its services are essential to our physical and mental wellbeing. Let’s reward, not punish, DCR for a job well done with the ability to continue doing its job. Contact your legislators and ask them to override Gov. Baker’s veto of line item 2810-0100. The park you save may be your own. 

Yours in conservation,
Doug Pizzi
Executive Director

                           TAKE ACTION NOW