Central NH NEMBA Mini-Xs a Flow Trail

Monday, August 4, 2014

Central NH NEMBA has just completed building a "flow trail" in Page Hill. For a number of weeks the chapter has been operating a mini-excavator to build the trail, and now the final touchs are just being finished up.  Come ride!

A flow trail is a gravity trail that has lets the ride flow down as if on a roller coaster. There are bermed, banked turns, short whoops but now sudden changes in direction or gnary technical features. It's a trail that requires minimal pedalling and just lets the rider carve and surf his or her way down.

It was a long day but Central NH NEMBA managed to punch through and complete work with the Kubota on their last day renting a mini-excavator.  Most all of the hand work, fine tuning and sculpting is also done and they're proud to present their new flow trail to the world -- called Shock Therapy.

CNH NEMBA board member, Kevin Orlowski, commented "I'm not sure what the final head count for the day was but I want to say it was a crew of around 20 give or take a few.  Many of which put in near a 12 hour day to put this trail to bed.  This was a big team effort by the chapter but a special congratulations is in order for Jesse McGowan who really championed this project and saw it through to completion."

A flow trail like this is never fully 'complete'.  CNH NEMBA have been test riding sections as they were built, trying to make sure the lines made sense and the flow was indeed present but speeds will increase as it rides in and there is always smoothing and tweaking to be done.  The last 10 feet or so of the trail is still a tad rough as the crew was running out of daylight at the end of the day but everything else has been tampered / trimmed / buffed out.

Check out photos of the project on the CNH NEMBA blog:  http://www.cnhnemba.org/2014/08/flow-trail-complete.html