Carrabassett NEMBA’s TrailFest at Maine Huts & Trails

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The TrailFest in early June hosted by Carrabassett Region chapter and Maine Huts and Trails was a huge success.  Despite at times rainy conditions, 35 volunteers were treated to a great weekend of building trail, eating good home cooked meals, listening to a bit of live music and generally enjoying hanging out together.  Everyone had a great time riding all three days and checking out some of the new local trails in Carrabassett including the Moose Dip single track.  Maine Huts director Charlie Woodworth was very pleased with the results and the quality of our work, and is excited to have us back for more.  

Saturday and Sunday mornings we were treated to hearty "woodsman" style breakfast, and allowed to create our own bag lunches for the trail from a buffet table.  This was a great idea if you like a bit more chicken salad or an extra couple of cookies.  The group headed out to the work site, had a brief safety talk, broke into smaller work crews and went at it.  There were a number of rock armoring and tread raising projects taking place as well as 4 in-sloped berms style turns being built.  This was combined with many feet of finished bench cutting to provide us all enough space to work, and to accomplish great things.  Previous to the Trail Fest weekend, MH&T had the corridor cut and the benched trail roughed by a mini excavator.  This proved to be very valuable as our volunteers were finishing trail at an astounding speed.  By mid day Saturday, as most were taking "five" from what they were working on to stroll up or down trail to see what was going on elsewhere, folks’ eyes were opened wide seeing the trail come to life.  

Standing out of site in the woods, just off a newly finished section of trail on Sunday afternoon as the sun was beginning to appear, I watched a group of volunteers ride into a corner and blast through a flow section. Smiles were big, and hooting was heard down trail.  By the end of the two days of building we had finished 2000 feet of trail, leaving behind a showcase stretch which MH&T and CRNEMBA can use to market and fund raise for the remainder to the Narrow Gauge pathway (2.1miles).  We would like to thank landowners Carrabassett Sanitary District and Sugarloaf, event sponsors Maine Huts & Trails, Geary's Brewing and all the volunteers.  We would also like to thank all the people who donated tools for the weekend.  We had enough tools for twice as many workers!  There are already plans for the next Trail Fest in the works so stay posted, and hey if you’re in the valley, ride up to Stratton Brook Hut and check out the trail.

Upcoming TrailFest @ Carrabassett, August 2014

—Joshua Tauses