Answering the Riddle at Charlemont Trails

Sunday, June 8, 2014

 "By this time in my mountain biking career I had already been out West once, California to be specific, and ridden their trails with hour long ascents and descents.  I knew what he was referring to.  Aside from the White Mountain notches and their paved passes, I was hard pressed to come up with an answer.  Kingdom Trails offers some of the longest ascents and descents, but they are still far short of the climbing and descending I had seen in Noble Canyon. And sure, Massachusetts had hills, but to get any real elevation you had to lap them or link together a ride of dozens of miles.

Then I started hearing the rumors from Western Massachusetts:  'Climbing, climbing and more climbing!' And eventually the name 'Charlemont Trails'; entered my consciousness."

Head over to the Nor'Easter Backcountry blog for a nice write up regarding our very own Charlemont Trail system!